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How to Block Unwanted Ads From Web Browser .

How to Removed Unwanted Ads From Web Browser .

If you are constantly seeing Ads like banner ads , Flash ads at top and bottom of the Website in particular browser or getting constantly Pop ups while opening random website , all the other ads Space of the website are filled with the same ads as Banner ads appear at extreme top and bottom of the website  then your browser may be got infected by adware Apps or script .Generally , you will see ads at extreme top and Bottom of the Browser , ads will not look like part of website instead it look like  Browser Ads (Ads appear in Browser ) etc .Its more of Annoying to see unwanted ads at top ,bottom and every where in  web Browser's whenever User open  website or refresh website.

How to find out whether Browser is Showing Unwanted Ads or not ?

Method 1 : Now days Browser are soft target to earn revenue out of the browser traffic that's the main motive in adding  Ads in the browser whether its is in built Adware script or browser gets infected by the harmful scripts   .  Its damn easy to detect Unwanted ads scripts/Apps installed in browser , When you open Random website  , you will see Every website will render With ads at same location with same publisher . Also when you open a page which does not have any ads in it will also appears as they have ads ( Banner Ads ) in it 

Method 2 : Open website In two different computer Connected with internet using Browser and check the location of the website Ads .On opening website  in both computer if Ads appears in same location  then your browser is safe and free from unwanted ads ,while On opening website  in both computer if Ads appears are not appears in same  location  then your browser is infected and contains unwanted ads . 

How to Remove unwanted Ads from the web browser .

One of the easy way to remove unwanted Ads or block Unwanted ads from the browser is to uninstall Browser so that all the hidden scripts and apps get uninstalled , Once browser uninstall successfully then also make sure to delete Browser folder completely , also clear temp data . Restart your computer and re install browser . 


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