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How To Delete Recently Visited Websites In google chrome

How to delete Most visited pages on Google chrome

Whenever we open any website  in Google chrome web browser its start appearing in the Most visited tab in form of , some time it look annoying and it harms our privacy as all the recent visited pages are clearly appears in form of Thumbnails .So its Damn easy to Track and Revisited website with just one click .Since it is impossible to pause  or disable Recent visited page in Google chrome however you can clear these Recent visited Thumbnail in Google chrome via Settings options , Also you can delete Recent Visited Thumbnail by clicking on Cross button , Although this method is not worth using it because it will reappear if it was open More the one time so its better to clear all the Recent Visited Page .

Steps to Delete Recently Visited in Google chrome

Step 1 : Open Google chrome browser and click on the Chrome menu  know as Customize and control Google chrome icon .

Step 2 : Under Customize and control Google chrome drop down window ,Click on history or Press   Ctrl + H to open History Window

Step 3 : Under History Window , Click on Clear browsing data

Step 4 : Set Obliterate the following items from according to amount of data you want to delete . If you want to clear all the recent Visited pages then set bliterate the following items to the beginning of time .

Step 5 : Check " Clear browsing history " , " Clear download history " and click on Clear browsing data .


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