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How to make New tab As Startup page in google Chrome

How to set new tab as Startup page in Chrome

Set New tab as Startup page in google chrome
In Google chrome we can customize your Start up page as Net tab , We mean it here just a new tab actually  ,Whenever we open a Google Chrome web browser , Either User Sign in window appears or Google Chrome opens up homepage at Start up if configured , But do you know you can Set New tab as your start up page whenever you open Google Chrome , Yes its is possible , Its a Simple  Google Chrome trick Through which we may Configure Google Chrome start up page as New tab instead of Google Chrome login page or Homepage through settings . In this article we will show you the trick to configure Google chrome Start up page as new tab .

Steps to Set new tab as Start up page in Google chrome

Step 1: Open Google chrome Web browser .

Step 2: Now open new tab in Google chrome by pressing  "" and close all other open Tabs accept new tab .

Step 3: Go to Chrome menu ( Know as Customize and control Google chrome ) and click on it .A small Drop down window will appear with various functions , out of those click on Settings .

Step 4: Under Settings window ,Go to Start up label and select option button for " Open a specific page or set of pages." and click on " Set pages " to open startup page .

Step 5: Under Startup window , Close all the open pages and then click on Use current pages ( chrome://newtab/ ) and hit ok .

Step 6: Restart your Google chrome browser and hence your Browser is congigure to open new tab as your startup page .


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