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How to protect Teeth And Best Ways to Protect Teeth .

How to protect your teeth

Aishwarya RaiTeeth are the one of the most important part of the body , They are important in many way like Healthy White Teeth can add beauty to your face , build confidence while talking to someone also its helps to improve your health condition . Improve health . How ? Do you know , Without teeth your digestion will be affected drastically . Actually the proper digestion requires proper chewing of food instead most of the people  eat big bites without proper chewing due to which there body unable to digest food Properly leaving Body unhealthy and lazy  , Doctor suggest to chew one bite of food at least 25 times so that  Food bit gets properly Grinded and mixed with the Saliva , It  is obvious if you chew food Properly then your Stomach have to do less work in Digestion ,That's why Gastroenterology  Suggest to chew food Properly  this helps in easy digestion , Helps to boost your body energy level and helps to improve health  along with Glowing skin . So ,Almost all the function of the body depends on Energy we gets from our digestion , Digestion of body depends on the food we Grind with our teeth ,For Proper chewing  we need health teeth. All the functions Related to energy Circulation of  body are originated from Food in our stomach stomach and for proper digestion of food we need health teeth , that's why utmost care should be given to protect teeth from germs etc .

Ways to Protect your teeth

Choose Best Toothpaste .

Toothpaste are made to fight germs and keep your teeth healthy but toothpaste can also damage your teeth if not properly used  , Now the question is which toothpaste is best for your teeth actually there are so many types of toothpaste which focus on different area of the teeth depending upon Teeth condition . So , instead of deciding your own you must consult the dentist to opt your toothpaste .

Gently Brush your teeth .

Teeth are made of varying tissues density and hardness . Although teeth look hard but tooth gum are not hard enough  to bear  Regular harsh brushing , Rough and Fast brushing your teeth can damage your teeth that's why you must gently brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes after that use your finger to gently massage your teeth and tooth gum for at least one minute to remove excess of tooth paste and Left behind food particle after that rinse your Mouth with Could water 3 to five times. 

Brush Your Teeth Before sleep And After Sleep . 

What would happens if  food particle would  stuck  to your teeth or Tooth for long time , It would became germs playground that's why Dentist suggest to brush your teeth before going to sleep because during sleep time our mouth are almost closed and kind of inactive for 6 to 7 hours at night . Brushing before sleep helps to remove left behind food particle and keep your teeth health for longtime. Although you brushed at night , Dentist Recommend that brushing teeth in morning helps in improving whiteness along with healthy teeth .

Use Dental floss to remove food and dental plaque .

Sometime Brushing your teeth didn't helps in remove  food materials when they stuck in between gun line and two teeth space , there Dental floss are used which helps to remove food particles and plaque . Proper flossing of teeth is not as easy as brushing Teeth , Its requires proper guidance and techniques to clean teeth Spacing with the Dental floss .Since improper use of Dental floss can damage your tooth gums and teeth that's why you must consult the dentist before using it .

Avoid Hot and Cold drink simultaneously .

Do you often drink Cold and hot drink one after other to prove that you are teeth are not affected by it then you are just playing with your teeth health ,According to dentist , Drinking hot and cold one after another increase the risk of teeth sensitivity  and also damages your teeth . So avoid drinking  hot and cold drinks one after the other , Keep at least 10 to 15 minute between hot and cold drinks intake .

Go to dentist twice a year for Regular Dental checkup .

There is no doubt ,  If you follow all the above important point then your teeth would be health and white .although all above mentioned points will helps you to maintains health of your teeth but still you should go to dentist atleast once in a year for cleaning of teeth  and regular dental check up .


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