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How To Secure Your Facebook Account Completely .

How to Secure and Protect Facebook account

 Secure Your Facebook AccountFacebook has updates its security feature by Launching new security feature in 2013 to Improve Facebook user account protection against Hacker . Still there are so many rumors about Facebook all over the internet that there security is weakest in all social networking site . Let me clear this out . Its kinda right if you talk about old Facebook , because in old Facebook you don't need technical skills or Pro hacking tutorials to get someone facebook password because of weak Facebook script , i am taking about Facebook Security just after Few Year of  Facebook development .  

In present day , Facebook security is best as other social networking site and all the Weak part regarding facebook user account security was sorted and solved ,Now the Facebook we are using are more secured then old Facebook but the question arise why Facebook account are often gets hacked by the hacker , Actually its not just Facebook part to protect their User account without any Facebook user Involvement to protect there own account . Facebook would only provide security feature to there user where as the ultimate role of Fb account protection belongs to Facebook user only . To provide better Security Facebook user needs as much attention as Facebook team to ensure user account protection , Its not just a Facebook Security which fully ensure user account protection , in spite of Facebook user need to Protect there account by Updating there own Facebook account security features . However in New Facebook security , Almost all the important security part are taken into account to ensure best Facebook Account protection . ( See Tips to Protect Facebook account

Facebook Security Settings Guide

Facebook Security Question : Security Settings Guide

Security Question plays very important role in retrieving back Facebook account  ,even if email id registered to Facebook account is hacked and changed then also you will have an option to retrieve Facebook account By answering  Security question . Also It does helps to to retrieve Facebook account when  Facebook user losses His/Her password and Email id . This Security Question provide addition Facebook account retrieving option .So make sure to improve your Facebook account Retrieving backup by Activating Security questions .

Facebook Secure Browsing: Security Settings Guide

Although Facebook is using Secured connection now but in case you didn't see " https " in your browser while using Facebook account then you must activate your  Secure browsing via Facebook Security Settings options .It will helps to build secured connection between Website and Client and protect your Facebook account from hackers . Make sure To activate Facebook safe Browsing Via Facebook security settings to ensure best Protection.

Facebook Login Notifications: Security Settings Guide

Login Notifications helps you to gets notified when your Facebook account is accessed from a Unknown computer or mobile device that you haven't used before in past . Best thing about Login Notifications security feature is that you get Email or text message instantly as soon as your account logged to unknown Device which is never used in past , So you gets times to take necessary  action against the Further damage by the hacker .

Facebook App Passwords: Security Settings Guide

There are Thousands of Non trusted Apps Spread  all over the internet  like mushroom for sake of improving  Facebook Experience , But Some of the apps are being used as hacking tool to hack facebook accounts ,Actually Some of the apps are unwillingly  have read and write permission , That is they have the permission to read content data From  Facebook account as well as option to Write content in Facebook timeline without knowledge of the Facebook account holder .Which may results as blunders .. So its Better Authorize apps with utmost Importance . Because of the Apps Craze and hackers interest , Facebook has Took measure to add password feature to Apps by limiting apps access .

Facebook Recognized Devices: Security Settings Guide

Recognized Devices is kinda similar to Login Notifications security feature , In Recognized Device security features a Facebook User get notified when His/ her Account is being used from unregistered devices. This Feature helps to get informed when unauthorized user uses your account . So , Its Necessary to activate Recognized Devices security features by registering your device .

Facebook Advance Security tips 

  • Follow all the Faebook Security Settings Guide .
  • Never share your login credential like login email id , password and phone number associated with your Facebook verification to any one .
  • Verify your phone number for your Facebook account .
  • Avoid using Non-trusted Apps and also clear or remove dead Facebook apps .


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