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How To Turn Off Windows 8 Safely .

 How to Shutdown Window 8  

Shutdown Window 8  Its very important to Turn off Window Safelly because If your Window is not properlly Shut down then your window may not work correctly resulting in Increase in booting time .Also sometime your Programs installed get damages due to Sudden window shutdown , To save your window 8 Operating system from damage , window 8 comes With special option known as Sign-out .By Sign-out Window 8 option , a window 8 User will be able to close all the Hidden As well as normal background Apps , Logged in user account safely . To save your Backgrounds apps ,Software and even window from getting damage you must Shut down your window 8 properly by signing out all the apps and backgrounds Running programs and then Turning off your Pc by using Shutdown button . 

Is there Windows 8 shutdown shortcut

Yes there is Window Shortcut to Turn off window 8 but it does damage your window 8 to some extends , However you can shut down your window 8 is you were assured that all the backgrounds apps and open programs are properly closed , To Shutdown window 8 , by using Keyword Press Window + L , Click on Power icon and select shutdown .

Steps to Shutdown windows 8 Safely

Step 1 : Press Window button to open the start screen or Move your mouse pointer to extreme Left Bottom  and then click on Start .

Step 2 : Now click on your account name ( by default account name is set as Com ) and then click on Sign Out  to close all the open and background running apps

Step 3 : Wait for Few seconds to properly Sign Out all the apps and User Account and Then Click anywhere on the screen .

Step 4 : Click anywhere on the Screen and click on the Power icon and select Shut down . Wait for your  CPU light Goes off to ensure properly shutdown .


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