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Keyword And Their Role In Search Engine Optimization .

Keyword And Their Role In Search engine Optimization

What is Keywords ?

Almost all the popular Search engine like Google , Yahoo and bing etc  Rely on the keywords as basic factor to serve relevance search engine results for User Search Queries , In simple words keyword are the combination of Words and phrases used in Title , Heading , H1 , H2 , H3  Tags etc which are required by the search engine to serve relevance search engine results for the given Query . In Search engine optimizationKeyword is said to be a word or Phrase used as a key to unlock search engine access   So that Search engine bot analysis and compare website with other website with same keyword for Relevance Search engine Results . 

What is Keyword in Seo with example

If your type a word " Shoutingblogger" in the Google search engine then search engine will analysis its database for the relevance search results which contains words " Shoutingblogger"  . Shoutingblogger is know as a Keyword , if a Keyword " Shoutingblogger " is searched by the lots of the people then Keyword ( Shoutingbloggger ) is said to be Popular Keywords . Which means If you include a word " Shoutingbloggger " in your website in  in Title  , Heading , H1 , H2 , H3 of your website content then Your website will be shown in the search results No matter is which page it it , but for sure it will be in search results , depending upon Keyword relevance . For example Shoutingbloggger Review then all the website which contains  Keyword " Shoutingbloggger" will appear on the search engine when any user type " Shoutingbloggger "

Role of keyword in Search Engine 

Whenever search engine user make Search Querry in search engine using words and Phrase Combination , Search engine search for the Relevance keyword in its database  to ensure relevant  search engine results . A single words or phrase can change whole search engine results , So Keywords are must thing in search  engine for Website ranking as well for Searching content

What is Popular Keywords ?

Popularity of keywords in search engine  is decided by the amount of Search made related to keywords . Its means More and more keyword is being searched by the people on search engine will make Keyword Popular and help to gain Popularity of keywords , In simple words we can say " Popular Keywords are the most searched keywords in the Search engine " .Now the main Motive if the webmaster is to get audience and relevant Traffic to his /her website which he may fulfill by adding Popular keywords Its Website content .  Popularity of keyword are differ Search engine to search engine So by including a popular keyword in the search engine does not ensure traffic to your website This is the main reason you need a Keyword analysis tool for monthly Traffic ,Keywords Competition for different Search engine. 

Why keywords Are Important For Seo

In Search engine optimization , Keyword  is the one of the  biggest factor which is always needed for the Rage ranking and to improves the website Traffic . If website Offers quality content with proper Keywords density then Search engine ranking  of the website will be High and would be appearing in First page of the search engine which means High Traffic to a Website However its doesn't mean that Website with High keyword Search engine ranking will generate enormous amount of traffic ,All the Traffic depends on the keywords  Popularity in the search Engine That's why most of the SEO Expert Suggest there Webmaster to write content on popular keywords with low Traffic Competitions . A web owner must use combination Words and phrase with relevant keywords in the content with appropriate Keyword density to improve Search engine ranking .So its necessary to analysis your website content , keywords and keyword density for proper ranking in search result and SEO Optimization .In SEO , Webmaster are recommended to use relevant keyword in there content like If you were writing article on Latest Trends then in your Web content you must  include Latest and Trends keywords .


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