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What are Backlinks In Seo and Its Type

What are Backlinks in Seo and there Types

Backlinks are the incoming link to a website/webpage from other website which were treated as reference from other website  it helps to generate traffic to website though inbound links. In Past years when search engine are at the stage of development these Backlinks are used in the website for the reference purposes but now it play important role in Website SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) as these Backlinks helps in generating Traffic to a website as well as Improves website content visibility in the search engine due to which organic traffic form the search engine Boost up .In Simple words , Backlinks are the links embed on the other website , forum or webpage etc .Commonly Backlinks are also know as inbound links , incoming links , Inline links , Inwards links etc . 

The main role of the Backlinks is Link particular link for popularity and its importance to other website or contents . These factors are used by the search engine to Increase Page rank of the website which helps in improving website visibility in the search engine so that People searching via search engine gets quality results . No doubt backlink also helps to generate traffic provided Backlinks are relevant to the website content . In Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) Backlinks are important Not only in boosting seo but its helps to increase alexa ranking of the website .

Types of Backlink in Search Engine Optimization

Nofollow Backlink 

Nofollow Backlink helps in boosting website traffic along with the quality visitor and audience provided the Backlinks are relent to the website content .However it does not contribute in improving page rank of the website ,blog or webpage but it does helps to boost Seo of the website in form of Non organic traffic .

Dofollow Backlink 

Dofollow Backlink  helps in boosting website traffic as well as page rank , due to which search engine ranking of the website content will improve and also it helps to generate real traffic to your website known as Organic traffic .


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