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How To Add Search Description on Blogger ( Post ) .

How To Add Search Description on Blogger ?

Search description On blogger post
Recently blogger has upgraded to new interface Having lot's of new cool features like User friendly design , Blogger Seo optimization etc . With this New blogger interface a Blogger/Blogspot Blog owner is able to add Search Description for Every individual blog Post . By enabling Search Description , Blog owner can control what text to apper underneath your website search result.This feature not only help's in enhancing your blog post overview in search engine but alos improve your blog post SEO ( Search engine optimization ) .In simple word's we can say search description helps blog post SEO as well as help People to analysis the Blog and it's post with Search Description . It Enhance the blogger SEO as well as helps Search engine to give quick overview of the blog post .

What is Search Description in Blogger  ?

You might have seen a short text of about 150 character length that appear underneath your  search engine results that’s is nothing but Search Engine Description . Search Description in blogger is the Short text entered Via post settings of the blogger to provide quick overview of the blog post in the Search engines . You can add any length of Search Description  in blogger but Search Description exceeding 160 character long will be truncated and will not appear in search description

How to Use Search Description In Blogger Post(SEO) Effectively 

Best way to optimize your blogger post for SEO is to add attractive search description to your blogger post . your blog post Search description must be short and give brief overview about your blog post .

  • Add Keywords in Search Description : Search description must have at least one relevant keywords 

" For Example : If you blog post tittle is " How To Add Search Description on Blogger " then you must include Keywords " How to " " Add" " Search " " Description " " on " " Blogger " . Avoid " " . we have used to represent keywords "
  • Add Search description in 150 character : Almost all Search engine truncate Search description which is more then 160 character long so make sure to create effective search description in ab about 160 character

Must Avoid in Search Description In Blogger Post for SEO

  • Adding fake Search Description : This is the one of  worst way of getting visitor on your blogger blog, for time being you might get traffic to your blog post by adding fake Search description  but this will results in high Bounce rate that have negative impact on seo and even sometime search engine penalize your blog .
  • Keywords Stuffing in Search Description : Search Description give's overview of your blog post . By stuffing your search description with Keywords will Results in negative impact on People .So you must Avoid Keywords .
  • Copying Search Description : Search engine penalize blog or any website for adding copied search Description .So you must avoid such type of practice .It's against the search engine optimization

How to Enable Search Description on Blogger 

By Defaults Search engine description in blogger blog post is disabled and does not appears in the post settings, However you may enable Search engine description by following given below instruction .

Steps To Enable Search Description on Blogger 

Step 1 : Go to Blogger.com and Sign-in to your blogger dashboard  .

Step 2 : Once you log-in to your blogger dashboard , Choose a Blogger blog  from the list of blog by Clicking on Blog name/Tittle  ( in which you want to Enable Search Description )  

Step 3 : Now click on the Settings and then Click on the Search Preference

Step 4 : Under Search Preference . Go to Meta Tag and Fill the Description  ( In description add your blog description by clicking on edit button under Description label ).

Now your Blog Search Description is enable,you can create your blog post with Search description ( Search description  will appears at Left under Post setting during creating or editing post )


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