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How To Get Backlinks From High Page Rank Social Networking Site .

How To Get Backlinks From High Page rank Social Networking Site 

BacklinkThere are thousands of social networking website in the internet whose page rank are too high , these social networking website helps to promote website content as well help to build one way backlink from high page rank social networking site . there is only one condition to get backlink from any high page rank social networking Website that is Social networking website should allow Url sharing or Url embedding although there are only few high page Social networking website which allow one way Dofollow back link . However all the Social networking website helps in building nofollow backlink .Moreover for website seo Both nofollow as well as Dofollow Backlink are important Accept in Seo .so make sure to get backlinks from the social networking website more your website url is shared more traffic will your website will get helps in improving website ranking .

Steps to get Backlink from social Networking website 

Step 1 : Search for the high page rank social Networking Website or social Bookmarking website  which allow Url sharing and Embedding .

Step 2 : Register all the high Pr Social networking website , Soical networking website with page rank 9 and page rank 10 is best from back-linking , If possible share your website links to social networking with do follow Attribute enabled .

Step 3 : Grow your social networking follower , Friends and fans

Step 4: Sign in To Individual social networking Website and Submit your website URL Under your profile " My homepage" . also regularly Share your content to get direct visitor to your website .

Step 5: Do same ( as step 3 and step 4) with all other Registered Social networking website by you .


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