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How to Get Organic Web Traffic for free

How To Get Organic Web Traffic To A Website      Or Blog for free .

How to Increase Organic  Traffic
Creating website is the one of the easiest jobs in internet world while getting audience and traffic to your website is tough part . Traffic to your website is as important as Creating website , Because Traffic ( Organic Traffic to Your Website )  to your website will not only bring audience but it can also helps you to earn money in so many different ways like Affiliate marketing , Monetizing website content with Ads with Adsence and affiliate Links etc or .To get Audience/traffic to your website you need to keep few important points which will help you to get Traffic .

Ways to Get Organic Web Traffic 

Get Organic Web TrafficGet your Top level Domain name.

Top level domain name does contribute to organic traffic , It helps to improve the Audience Interest in your website depend on your domain name , Top Level domain name is more attractive and easy to remember which Helps the visitor to Re visit via Search engine by typing keywords or visiting Direct by typing Domain name in web browser where as Low level domain name is not attractive and hard to Remember as compare to top level Domain name .

Get Organic Web Traffic

Submit website to Search Engine

Submitting website is the important part in the search engine optimizing  , Actually by submitting website url to Search Engine will help in Indexing website in search engine . So , It is more important to Submit website to search engine . Since there are Thousands of search engine , Now question arises which search engine is best .Web master are Advised to submit website to popular search engine so that there website gets real organic Visitors , Some Of the popular search engine are Google , Bing , Yahoo , Aol etc .

Get Organic Web TrafficCreate Seo Friendly content .

Just submitting website to search engine does not ensure that your website will get audience from the Search engine . You need to Create Seo friendly content so that Website Content ( Page Url ) gets ranked higher in the Search Engine more your website page rank will results in More of organic Traffic to a Website. So , make sure to create SEO Friendly Website content , Wondering what is Seo friendly content ?  Seo Friendly Website content is the website with Meta Tag description , Meta Keywords ,Proper Tags like H1 , H2 , H3 , H4 etc headings , Bold text , keywords density , alt image , Alt text etc  


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