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How I Learned Swimming In Swimming Pool ( My story )

How I Learned Swimming In Swimming Pool

Swimming pool
On 25/June/2013 I stepped in the swimming pool ! Trust me I am not a swimmer and never learned swimming from anyone . I have never done this before in past .Most Interesting part is that when I enter swimming pool campus i watched some Swimmer in pool enjoying swimming with easy by watching those swimmer. I thought It would be easy to swim in water and I just jumped on swimming pool and got scared to feel water up-to my neck ! Obviously its human nature lol . During first Day I Learned nothing but Fear which is the main reason for sinking in water . So I have decided to overcome my fear and I started relaxing in Swimming pool water by holding swimming pool wall for 1 hour gossiping with my friends . Once after 1 hour when I felt comfortable with the water I tried to get bit away form Swimming pool wall I started feel the taste of fear again this time because I was sinking and my nose ,mouth was filled with water . Its kinda funny for other but not for me and that why I realize myself my pros and cons in swimming , though there are only cons in my swimming no pros lol ! still I have strong desire to learn swimming which was my ultimate pros of my swimming and Found that Fear and just fear, can’t hold the Breath , Fear with holding breath under water . After one and half hour in water I decided to control my breath under water and it took me half hours to control my breadth underwater normally I found myself a bit comfortable with water , Now it too dark and time is 8:00 pm , I heard whistle which was the sign of closing of swimming pool .

On 26/June/2013  It rained too heavy ,  We reached hotel with strong determination and interest to Swim but we were heard from the hotel gatekeeper that swimming pool was closed and even didn't allowed to see the swimming pool . however we manage to sneak to see how swimming pool is after last night heavy rain .We are Astonished to see that  whole swimming pool and area around was filled with water  and mud  . After seeing that muddy water our strong desire to swim in water get fainted and we got spotted by the swimming pool guard didn't allow us to swim  and neither now we want it  . One of my friends asked how long it would take to clean whole Swimming pool , he said 1 and half days if it will not rain . More over he asked to come after 2 days . whole plans Got messed up and all of my friends and mine Mind goes off then we decided to go for long drive and Have some fun . . . . Two days passed its now 28/june/2013.

On 28/june/2013,  Swimming pool is open for all but still its bit muddy , visibility is nearly 3 feet but still me and my friends decided to step in swimming pool , there were hardly 4 people in swimming pool before us  , Swimming pool water is damn cool and Silent , its look kind of scary  without swimmer and people around and more scary part is when,  you are the one alone in swimming pool ! XD  after me all of my friend stepped in swimming pool water  ( none of my friend know swimming we all are Beginners ) after us , 10 more people stepped in to swimming pool ! Now Swimming pool is moving toward Funzone , we all started Our Basic Lesson , holding our breath under water  and practicing to control Breath ,which I already done on first day , now I am full of confidence , started to get away from swimming pool wall (in  5 feet water),  Still I am lacking some thing that is Threading water I started Threading water with my leg first by holding swimming pool wall and then when I gain some confidence with threading water with my leg I started practicing threading water with my Hands This is it ! now I learnt a bit about Swimming and able to swim 8 to 10 Feet . Days is over and we left for home .

On 29/june/2013,  This day I learned lots of Technique my own , like floating in water , Free style Swimming ,under water swimming ,Diving etc , its Now damn easy to learn new technique when you know basic about Swimming . I need only three days to learn basic swimming now I am learning more swimming techniques  so that I may helps other People who want to learn about swimming .Still I am not Perfect in Swimming , Need to work more to became Pro swimmer .

On 1/july/2013, Me and my friends learned basic swimming , now it fun to dive in swimming pool and swim in water without fear .

Its not hard to learn anything in this word only thing you need is strong ditermination and will power and then it comes to technique . This is the way I learned swimming , my story . do not take it as guide or tutorial  to start swimming in pool  without any elder or experts.


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