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How To Protect Your Blogger Blog Content From Copying By RSS Feed Scrapers

How To Protect Your Blogger Blog Content From RSS Feed Scrapers

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While searching for some of your blog article in search engine sometime you get some other blog with same heading as it is as your article have with same search engine description , Actually there are some Rss Feed scrapers script known as Scraper site used for the scarping the Rss feed of other website or blog  which copy whole Rss Feed of a blog and post it on there own blog .Technically these Type of Rss reed Scraping blog or website is considered as spam blog and are of no use in contributing to Internet , there only motive is to generate traffic and to make money out of it . Since these Spam blog which uses Rss feed Scarping tools does not last longer as they are purely practicing Copyright infringement by copying other content ,so for sure in near future Search engine like google ,yahoo ,Aol will consider it as spam blog and remove them for search engine . You might be wondering is there any negative effect on your Blog or website Seo  due to these type of scraper site which scrape your blog rss feed . No there will be no negative effect on your blog Search engine ranking and Seo .This is one of the reason why Google have launched penguin 2.1 to cut of these type of spam blog and spam website .However some of your visitor may get confused with your Rss feed Scarping blog and you may losses there visit so , To Protect your blogger blog content From RSS Feed Scrapers you must learn to spot your blog Feed Scrapers blog which are copying your blog content by using Rss feed Scraping tool

How To Spot Rss Feed Scrapers site

Spotting Rss Feed Scrapers site is easy because  The problem with these types of scraping software tool  is that they scrap content along with the Article heading  and word to word due to which its damn easy to spot these Scarper site . There are mainly few ways to spot these Scrapers site .

Method 1 : Search for your blog whole title .

Open google.com and Search for your your blog tilte along with ~ For example , If  i need to find out some Scraper site who is using my blog rss Feed to scrape or copy content of my blog then only thing i need to do is to Open Google search engine , Search for my title along with ~ like ~Shouting Blogger - Tech Reviews Tutorial EQ Blogger blog .Since in blogger blog all of the Post is followed by your blog title which helps you to spot your blog content , Its kind of Tag line  .

Method 2 : Search for Duplicate content .

Second method to spot your blog content scarper is easy and fast . Go to www.copyscape.com  and paste your Full url in url area under label " Search for copies of your page on the web. " and click ok , if your any duplicate content found on your blog that means either you have copied content of some website listed below in the result might have copied your content . Its easy to spot copied content via Plagiarism Checker .

Steps to Secure your Rss Feed from being scraped

Step 1 : Sign-in to Blogger.com and access your blogger Dashboard . Choose your blog by clicking on Blog title in which you want to secure from Rss Scarper site .

Step 2 :  Go to Settings (at  Bottom Left ) , and then Under Settings , click on other .

Step 3 : Now go to label marked as Site feed . Under Site feed , set Allow Blog feed as Short.

Step 4 : Click on Save Setting .

Now every time when Site Scraper try to scrap your blog via Rss scraper tool, we will fail to copy whole content of your blog , instead he will be able to copy only few Words of blog  which will helps your website to get traffic to our blog  .


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