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What is Domain Name Registration and Its Requirement .

Domain Name Registration and  Its     Requirement 

What is Domain Name Registration 

What is Domain Name Registration
Domain Registration is the process of Registering a unique domain name ( www.example.com with the desired domain name extension ) for website , blog , forum and pages etc for a Limited period of time ( Domain Subscription period ) .Domain name registration involve  registering your domain name with an organisation called ICANN who is responsible for keeping all Domain name database  and you may buy domain name from any Authorized Domain name registrar organisation by paying  additional of 18 cent  ICANN fee  . Although  domain name can be registered by any individual , group , company or organisation but it cannot be registered for two individual/organisation for same Period of time however If the domain name is not renewed by the Individual/organisation then registered domain name may be available for the other individual/organisation to Register with new end-user name and It would be available for all the domain name registrar for new End-users/Individual/organisation . End-users /Individual/organisation may buy unique domain name from the Domain name registrar organisation or commercial  entity for short duration of time  minimum of 1 year to maximum of 10 year after that Domain owner must renew it again via domain name registrar .

Requirement for Domain Name Registration

Whether you are individual or an Organisation , Any one who is above 18 year old  can get there own top level domain name for there website by registering domain name from Domain name registrar companies. There are some requirement for registering domain name like end user (  Individual / Organisation  ) must be above 18 year old , must have a valid address , minimum of 1 year Domain Registration Periods and must be able to pay registration fee online/offline to domain Registrar company . Some Common requirement for Domain Name Registration are as follows .

Age requirement for domain name registration

There is a age requirement for registering any top level domain name and may varies from  from country to country and also depends on the  domain name extension .There are Some domain name Extension which need the end user to be above 18 or legal adult .However few country Legally allow there minor ( Below 18 age ) citizen to register top level domain name for any clean domain name extension  with the help of there elders guidance but No country allow legally to register Top level domain name with Certain above 18 age (  domain name extension ( Adult ). However  any individual who are above 18 year old or legally adults according to there country law  is valid for registering domain name with any type of  Domain name extension ( Must Follow Country rules and regulation )  for his website 

Domain Registration Periods

Most of the domain name registrar company have there own Minimum domain registration period and maximum Domain Registration Periods , Majority of  Domain name registrar company have minimum of  1 year domain Registration Periods and maximum of 10 year Domain registration periods while only few  domain name Registrar company have Minimum of 2 Year Domain Registration Periods and maximum of 100 year Domain registration periods .

Domain Name Registration Fee .

Domain name registration fee may vary from one domain name registrar company to other domain name registrar company .Although the charges for registering domain name may varies according to domain name registrar companies , feature of the domain name and type of domain name extension etc but  minimum  cost for buying top level domain name lie between 7$ to 36$/year .


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