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How To Capture Screenshots in Window 7 Free ,Safe and Fast

How To Take A Screenshot In Windows 7 

Capture Screenshots in Window 7
Capture Screenshots in Window 7

Screenshot is the method of capturing screen with all the visible item in Screen .No doubt , There are thousands of Paid  as well as Free third party tools available which may help you in taking screenshot with one click but why buying or downloading any third party tool when you can do this for free with your own window software .You can  capture your desktop screen by using Window's Ms Paint and Keyboard Short cut key know as Print  keys .In this Article we will show you how to take screenshot in window 7 without any third party tool  , By using this method you may take as many screenshot of your Screen for free and capture anything which appears in your desktop , it is helpful to  Capture any Error , Event even you may capture video's screenshots

Steps to Step guide to Capture any screenshot in window 7

Step 1: Open Desired thing in your screen like Desktop ,webpage , Any error window , Message , Website etc .

Step 2 : Click on Print Screen button either form your keyword or using On Screen keyboard .

  • Method 1 : Now Locate Prt scr key ( know as Print screen ) on your keyboard and click on it this will copy your Screenshot in your clipboard , Do not copy any thing else or your clipboard screenshot will be replaced. 

  • Method 2 :  i )  In case you are not able to find Prt scr key in your keyboard then use On board keyboard 
                              ii ) Click Start , All program , Accessories , Easy of access  , click on On Screen                                .                                  keyboard 

Step 3 : Now We need a Application which may allow us to paste , copy ,cut and save our screenshot . Ms paint is the best option for doing all this so open paint by clicking on Start ,  All program ,Accessories and then Paint .

Important Note : If your paints white space Dimension  is bigger then screenshot dimension then there may be possibility that Excess white space would be visible with screenshot image  and look bad , so before pasting you must Resize your Ms paint white space to Lowest dimension as possible , recommended 50×50 To Resize your Ms paint white space ,Go to Paint button , click on properties ( Press Ctrl + E  ) to open Image Properties window and then set width = 50 , height =50 , press ok 

Step 4 : Once Paint open up , Click on Paste ( or use paste shortcut key ie Hold Ctrl+P ) to paste your Screenshot from clipboard to paint window . Once your screenshot get pasted on Ms paint white space Customize it according to your need and then Save your file .

Congrats you have learned the easiest way to capture Screenshot without any third party software .

Pros and cons of Capturing Screenshot using pain and keyboard in window 7

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7

  • Capturing Screenshot with Keyboard and paint is free of cost .
  • You don't need any third party Software for Capturing screenshot .
  • You can save your screenshot to any paint supported  format .
  • This method is the Safest  and secured method for capturing any screenshot .

Cons of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Cons of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7

  • You can capture one Screenshots  at a time .
  • This method of capturing screenshot  is bit time consuming .


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