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Things To Keep In Mind Before Deleting Google Account.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Deleting Google account.

Before deleting your Gmail addressAre you serious about Deleting your Gmail account ,If you newly created Gmail account for testing purposes and want it to delete it , then your are good to delete but if you gmail account is old then you must know the consequences of deleting gmail account with eye's closed , Its better to say " trouble faced " after deleting Gmail account , Actually your  Gmail account are considered as primary account while all the other Google product associated with Gmail account are the necessary to authorise and operate other Google product , So its better to say Gmail account as Google account ! In other word all the Google product like Gmail ,Google+ ,Google drive , blogger account , Youtube account etc  are associated with your Gmail  account . So If you deleting your gmail id for what so ever  reason may be ,all of the google product associated with your gmail account will be Wiped out so , it's  better to waste few minutes in reading important Points listed bellow , as these points helps you lots .

What to do before deleting Gmail account 

Before Deleting Gmail id : Download a copy of Google account :

Before Deleting Gmail id : Download a copy of Google account :

There is a reason for Google popularity , they even take care of people who are deleting there account by offering them Google account backup feature,You can backup your  Google Contacts , Drive, Google+ Circles ( Google+ connections to another account) ,Google+ Pages,YouTube,Orkut,Google+ Stream,Hangout and all the other products associated with your email id and can use it later for reference purposes .

Before Deleting Gmail id : Analysis your decisionBefore Deleting Gmail id : Analysis your decision

All Google Connected Apps and Services like Picasa ,Google Contacts, Google Account Access, Google+, Gmail, YouTub, Adsence , Adwords , Blogger almost all the Google product which uses your Google account ( Gmail Account ) for authorisation will no longer accessible . So make sure to analysis your google accounts and its product ,

Sin-in website using Google authorize account .Sin-in website using Google authorize account .

You might have used  Google apps  for Authorizing third-party websites to access your account , For the sake of Signup/Signin using Google  . But once you delete your google account you will not able to Signin again to Website in which you have used Google Authorized apps . Do your account created on other website using Google account aurthorization would be deleted ? No all the account will exist but you will not able to Sign-in ,

Deleted email id will no longer available for future Registration : Deleted email id will no longer available for future Registration : 

Yes you heard right if you delete your Gmail id ( Username ) for example Example@gmail.com or Username@gmail.com then this email id or username will be locked for future registration for security reason which means no one can register new gmail account with same username again . Also ,If you are really determined to delete gmail account then you must change your email id ( which you going to delete ) from all other registered website because your email id will exist on other website and in case you lost password of the any Registerd website or social networking website associated with your this email id then you will not able to recover your account details. So its better to change and authorise different new email id before deleting your gmail username .

Before Deleting Gmail id : Inform your Friends about Email delete Before Deleting Gmail id : Inform your Friends about Email delete 

Its good to inform your friends , important people etc that you deleted your account .This would  help your friend and family that your email id will no longer receive any email . Send them your new email id so they make contact you on them .


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