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Top 3 Best Free Blogging platform To Create Blog

 Best 3 Free Blogging platform To Create Blog 

Best free blogging platformBlogging is the great way to publish your content online and make it available on internet 24/7 . Since there are many free blogging platform who allows there user to create and control there own blog for free but which one is best for creating blog .On the basis of there feature list and  after researching lots we have found the most preferred ,used and reliable Top 3 best Free Blogging platform to Create your own blog for free . However out of all free blogging platform only few reputed blogging platform offers unlimited bandwidth , uploading images , text and third party html codes ,for free but all free blogging platform have there own limitation . you will learn when your try them . We would recommend you to test all the three blogging platform  to test and find out best blogging platform for your blog .

1) Blogger - No 1 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Blogger is the one of the popular free Blogging platform , also know as Blogspot  . It allow there user to build up-to 100 Blogs with one blogger account along with free Sub-domains ,Free Unlimited bandwidth for there blog etc  . Most important feature that makes blogger as first user choice is ability  to earn money via blog .You may  monetize your blog with ads and free built in blogger dashboard . It allows indirect storage space for uploading Image ( using Picassa ) and videos ( Using Youtube ) for free . Blogger's interface is  user-friendly dashboard and easy posting  and publishing boost blogger popularity among people.So if you are creating your blog for publishing your content online along with money making then blogger is best option.

Features that make Blogger as number one blogging platform 

  • Blogger offer  unlimited bandwidth , Easy to upload Image and videos from blogger posting window .
  • Blogger allow You to monetize there blog by placing there ads code through layout window in blogger you can also add third party html code like affiliated links etc.
  • You can Upload , customize your own custom template in blogger .
  •  Blogger offer there user to backup there template and post by downloading there post and template through blogger dashboard .

Example of blogger Blog : http://shoutingblogger.blogspot.com

Wordpress - 2nd Best Free Blogging Platforms

Wordpress is the Free blogging Platform that use open source blogging web software know as Wordpress . Wordpress Blogging Platforms provide free blog hosting to there registered user and with unlimited bandwidth and limited 2 gb of storage space however registered user have an option to increase there storage space and  features as paid subscriber which cost few dollar per month. Most important feature that brings  Wordpress Blogging Platforms in 2nd position in our top three free blogging platform is that you can create your blog here for free . Wordpress blogging platform is free for publishing content but with free blogging platform you can't earn money because there is no option to add third party java code .However  by Upgrading or hosting your own WordPress blog you can monetize and even transform to web store  , Blog , anything you want by using plugin , themes etc. In paid blog hosting wordpress lies in first position while it lies in second for free blogging platform

Features that make Wordpress blogging Platformas Number two blogging platform 

  • You can upload Images , Pics , software upto 2gb for free directly to your blog .
  • Your blog will get unlimited bandwidth  , mean no restriction of traffic limits per hour .

Example of  Wordpress Blog : http://shoutingblogger.wordpress.com

3) Tumbler - No 3 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Tumbler is growing as popular micro blogging platform available with bundle of features to make micro blogging easy and fast for the People who are hard to manage time for writing big Articles you can share anything in your tumbler blog from text to quotes, images to wallpapers , photography to photos whatever you want to share with ease. you can register your free Sub-domain name as www.example.tumbler.com or may park your own Top level domain name for your blog etc moreover you can customize your tumbler template choose theme for free as well as premium themes ,Add custom css , Optimize your tumbler theme for mobile user , you can also add pages with editable html page source code option .You can also monetize your tubmler blog , however tumble is more of Sharing your stuff like pic , video ,images ,text good for micro blogging site but bad for monetizing  that's why in our Free blogging platform list tumbler lies in Third .

Features that make tumbler as Number three blogging platform 

  • Tumbler Offer there tumbler blog user with unlimited bandwidth . Hence No  restricted Traffic spike and you get unlimited traffic visit for free .
  • Simple and easy to use tumbler dashboard and it have user firendly posting 
  • Tumbler allow there tumbler blog user to park custom top level domain name .
  • With Tumbler you can edit theme html and customize your theme according to your need . 
  • You can share your photos, videos ,Text ,quotes,  Url etc with easy 

Example of Tumbler Blog : http://shoutingblogger.tumblr.com


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