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What is Search engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine Optimization and its Importance for Organic Traffic 

What is (SEO) Search engine Optimization?

SEO is known as Search engine Optimization , Its is the Process of improving website, blog , Forum ,Web pages ,Web content visibility in the search engine by optimizing website content according to Search engine Website indexing standards . In simple words, Search engine Optimization helps in building audience and traffic to a website known’s as organic traffic

Importance of Website SEO to increase Organic traffic

Every website needs search engine optimization to improve visibility of there content in the search engine results .Since daily , Billions of people uses search engine to find web content for Answers, Entertainments purposes etc it means billions of billions search are made in search engine for finding relevant Web Content to educate or entertain purposes , that’s why it worth optimizing your website seo , It helps your website rank higher for particular Searched keyword related to your website and also helps your website to attract  Traffic to your website via search engine , better your website Seo be , Better your webiste search engine visibility will be  for searched keyword resulting in website audience.

Is it possible to get my website keyword ranked on first Page of search  engine like google , yahoo , bing by Search engine Optimization(SEO)

If you fully optimized your website Seo then it might be possible that your website keywords get ranked higher or even on first page of Google however it’s not guaranteed that your website keywords will appear on first page  Since there are lots more factor which also count toward website keyword ranking like competitor keywords ,content qualities and Bounce rates If your website landing page through search keywords on search engine results in  lowest bounce rate compared to competitor website then your website may rank above your competitor website within a minute Similarly if your website is serving more relevant keywords related to search results as compare to all of your  competitor for particular keywords along with less bounce rate  .Then , all of your Website’s keywords will  Rank higher and higher To first page of google or in any other search . It Would appear as search engine bot Fall in loves with your website and being partial but the Fact is Search engine bot Ranks website Depending upon Searched keywords, Bounce Rate, Keywords density, Content Quality and its relevance to a particular website and ranked them according to Lowest bounce rate Compared to other website keywords and serves best Results in the search engine to ensure relevant and helpful search result

Advantages Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Free Traffic and audience Free Traffic and audience 

Since Fully Seo optimized Website , blog or webpage with quality and unique content easily gets indexed in popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing etc and results in higher page rank due to which website gets enormous amount of Organic traffic and audience for free from website keyword relevant search engine results .

More Sales and earningMore Sales and earning

No doubt , Seo optimized website have huge search engine exposer which means lots and lots of audience for your website , More audience will results in more sales and earning . So working on Website Seo is good for traffic as well as for earning money with website, blog traffic. Organic traffic are considered best for website blog to earn easy money.

Visibility in search engines will improve Visibility in search engines will improve 

All the popular search engine like google , yahoo and bing etc use Approx same method to serve search engine results, that’s why one you improved your website Seo then it will help in improving your website ranking In search engine results however ranking of your website keyword may differ from search engine to search engine due to  Search engine ‘s Search results ,criteria and indexing technology .

Fast Indexing of Website on search engine Fast Indexing of Website on search engine 

Seo Optimized website content Get indexed faster and ranked higher in search engine results as compare to no Seo optimized Competitor website .

What happens if my website is not SEO friendly or my Website Seo is not optimized

  • A website whose SEO is not optimized results in less page ranking and its visibility in search engine will be too low and even appear to far from the first page and hence your Website would hardly gets Organic traffic from the search engine .
  • Visibility and Keyword ranking of your website will be less in all popular search engine like Yahoo , Google and bing etc resulting in loss of visitors 
  • Alexa and page ranks of your website would go worst, you website Alexa Rank would go higher while your website page rank will go lower.
  • Sales and earning in your website will drastically reduce since no Seo results in no search engine visitor which means less traffic and less sales .


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