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Shared Web Hosting And Its Pros and Cons.

What is Shared Web Hosting And Its Pros and Cons.

What is shared hosting?

Shared Webhosting is kind of virtual webhosting service in which all the Server Performance related resources are shared between the Number of Hosted  websites in that server . In Shared web hosting , your website is hosted along with number of website within same server ,that is  all the performance  resources of  a server  like Ram , CPU etc gets shared  with all the website hosted on that server . Although your website is hosted with number of other website in  a server but your website have its own partition ,section/place . technically all the website hosted on shared web hosting are separated by  each other via virtual boundary ( For example partition of hard disk in pc )  .Since shared web hosting  uses Shared resources of a server that’s why it is available at cheap rate . 

Shared hosting is Best for ?

Recent studies about Webhosting  shows that Shared webhosting is the first choice for creating blog , personal page ,developing your own webpage, profile page  ,Small website like wallpaper website ,forum , store ,lyric website ,Creating Webpages , e-commerce store etc. Moreover it’s better to say shared webhosting is good for creating small scale business website. It can also be used to create Large scale business website but Webhosting Expert Recommend to use Dedicated Server because you can control whole server but it also have there own disadvantage . 

How to manage webhosting via Control pannel 

Once you purchased shared webhosting ,then you will be given login credential to access Shared webhosting portal .you may access your own webhosting partition space by login to your webhosting control panel  by using  which you may create database , manage domain , create sub domain ,upload website , Control your front end and back end of your website , forum etc . 

Pros and Cons of Shared webhosting

Shared webhosting Pros and cons

Pros of using Shared webhosting

  • Shared web hosting is cheap and Low cost as compare to other web hosting packages like dedicated web hosting , Vps web hosting hosting because in shared web hosting all the resources of the server were shared between hosted Website in a server itself.
  • Cheap and Reliable for Developing small scale website as well as medium size website .
  • Shared web hosting is very user friendly you may upload your website easily by using Shared web hosting control panel and , ftp client , this make it popular among basic as well as advances web host buyers .
  • Being a shared web hosting customer you don't have to do much about server maintenance . All the Server side maintenance is done by the web host management.

Cons of using Shared webhosting

  • In Shared web hosting , All the server performance resources like cpu ,Ram etc were shared between all Website hosted on server .
  • You have no control over the Server performance factor like Ram ,Cpu .
  • You can't create game server with shared web hosting , because it will result in heavy server resource usage resulting in downtime of other website hosted on your website hosted server.
  • One of the biggest disadvantage of using Shared web hosting is to share server performance like if your Neighbors web hosted website is using High server usage then your website performance like loading time ,will be affected . Although it would not make your website do down but it may results in slow load time depending on server load 


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