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Ten Android Apps That Fasten Your Phone’s Security .

Fasten Your Phone’s Security with These 10 Android Apps 

Android phones are a valuable possession. And barring the prices of some of the exclusive range of Androids, the phones are precious for all the data it contains – the intimate note you wrote at a lonesome night, the conversation with an old friend who had moved to a new town, your last year’s birthday celebrations and a lot more. If the thought of losing your phone or worse – it getting affected by a malware keeps you from a peaceful night’s sleep, here are 10 amazing Android apps which you may use to reassure yourself. Find more about theme below:  

Ten Apps to Improve Android Security

1. Lookout Mobile Security 

It is fully featured security app for your phone. Its various features include antivirus protection, backup and other important features like – Find my phone. With antivirus protection, you get to easily block the malware, spyware and viruses and with backup, you secure contacts information, images and other data. The find my phone option enables you to exactly view your phone over the map, and remotely wipe off the entire data in your phone from a remote location, if you discover that your phone has been stolen or lost. Besides, the app is for Free, and isn’t that just awesome?! 

2. Seal 

With the help of Seal, you put a seal onto any application of your phone. It would then require a password or a pattern for anyone to open it, and any unauthorized access would be detained. The app is available for a nominal price of $2.78. 

3. Seek Droid -Android Security apps

Seek Droid allows you to get back your much loved Android phone, should you ever lose it. The brilliant locator app which is available just for $0.99, allows you to locate the device on a map, wipe the device off of any intimate data, set off an alarm which is audible and a lot more

4. Wallet-Android Security apps

Another app which allows you to save the data and all the sensitive information pertaining to it is Wallet. You can easily save bank account details, various passwords etc in just one place. Besides, the app also comes handy in storing all the mundane details which might be important, but can get easily ignore, such as flier numbers, prescription for contact lenses and etc.  

5. MindWallet-Android Security apps

With one master password, users can easily safe a wide breath of intimate information. The strength of this app lies in a military grade encryption of 128 bit AES. The app provides various features like inactivity timeout, restoration and backup. Besides, Mind Wallet allows you to use various predefined and customized templates for your various personal needs. And lastly, the app is available free of cost. 

6. Anti-virus Free-Android Security apps

The app offers free protection of your phone against malware, viruses and other exploits. It scans any setting, multimedia element or app that you download and ensures maximum security. Also, it enables you to relocate your phone via Google maps, should you ever lose it. Besides, there is an option of remote swiping off your phone to. In case you ever need it. 

7. Anti Virus Pro-Android Security apps

The pro version ups de ante of the security features and offers full protection against spam messages, malware and viruses. The app conducts a real time check on various files, apps, settings and media and figure out any potential risks. Moreover, the app eliminates the tasks that have been affecting the performance of the phone – this feature may be made to work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Also, the app lets you find your phone if it gets stolen, by making use of the Google maps, and also sets a lock screen message to enable the locator to find you. The app is available for download for a premium fee of $9.99. 

8. mSecure -Android Security apps

An amazing password and data manager for your android phones, mSecure provides a very secure and reliable platform for you to store intimate information on your Android phones. You can store various web logins, passwords, credit card details, security numbers and a wide range of other data and keep them safe from flickering memory or prying eyes. The system has employed proven industry level encryption methods to safe guard your data. The brilliant app is available for just $4.99. 

9. Webroot Mobile Security (Beta) -Android Security apps

The security of Webroot is already world renowned and nothing less than amazing and the Webroot mobile app brings the same to your Android phone. The brilliant and extremely light weighing mobile app prevents various malicious applications, protects the privacy of your device in case it is lost or stolen, and blocks various harmful and suspicious websites. Besides, the app is available for free, so make the most of it now. 

10. Norton Mobile Security (Beta) -Android Security apps

A new app in the entire mix, Norton mobile security provides various new age security features like protection against spyware, malware and viruses. The app checks your phone and screens the messages and calls from unsolicited callers. Also, if the device gets stolen or lost, the app provides remote location, locking and wiping capabilities. And since the app is available for free, there is no reason behind you not rushing to play stores and downloading it right now. 

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