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What Is Google Blogger ( Blogspot ) And Its Pros and cons .

What Is Google Blogger ( Blogspot ) And Its Pros and cons

What Is Google Blogger ( Blogspot ) ?

Blogger.com was launched by Pyra Labs On 23-August 1999 , owned and operated by the Google . Blogger.com is a Free Blogging Platform, allowing there user to create free blog with Unlimited Bandwidth without have to pay  charge for hosting and bandwidth .Google blogger.com also offer free sub domains   www.Shoutingblogger.blogspot.com as well as allow your free top level domain parking , Most of the new blog aspirant prefer Blogger.com to start there own blog because it user friendly , easy to create blog post and packed with amazing bundles of feature for free . So , If you are searching for blogging platform to start your first blog then blogger is best option to get started with , One of the biggest advantage of using Blogger blog is that you can make money by monetizing your blog with Ads or Affiliation Product using Custom Third party Html Code. No other free blogging platform allow third party html code .Here are some features offered by free blogging platform by blogger.com

Features of Blogger.com

  • Most Important feature of Blogger.com is that it offer Unlimited Bandwidth For free , No more Traffic Boundation for your blog audience . 
  • You can Monetizing your blog with Google AdSense ,or you may add third party custom ad code etc 
  • There are thousands of Free/Premium Blogger Templates available all over the web . 
  • You can customise your Template design by editing your Blog css and template Html 
  • If you Don't have Top-level Domain to host then also you don't have to worry about . Blogger free blogging platform will provide one sub-domain for free . you can also change your blogger Sub-level Domain name top-level Domain name whenever you want . 
  • You can add any no of widgets for making your blog more efficient/handy then any other Blog. 
  • Blogger.com offer your Blog to transform to mobile website whenever some Internet user visiting you Blog via mobile. Its upto You to decide How your website Appears on mobiles. 
  • Easy Publishing Of your Contents 
  • You can also Upload/Share Images/pictures/photos directly to your blog by " Accepting of Terms of use of Picasaweb.google.com " Via Blogger. 
  • You can Share/upload youtube videos very easily via Blogger. since YouTube is owned by Google itself . 
  • You can build upto 100 Blogs with one account 
  • You can invite other blogger to post on your blog 
  • You can Import /Export your Blog content 
  • Comment moderation Features 

Google Blogger pros and cons

Google Blogger pros and cons

Google blogger  ( Blogspot ) Pros 

  • Free Unlimited bandwidth : Google blogger Provides unlimited bandwidth for free , you don't need to pay money for bandwidth .
  • Free Custom .blogspot domain : You get free sub domain .blogspot for your blogger blog .
  • Free domain parking :  You can also park your own top level domain name to your blogger blog for  free .

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  • Unlimited  Image embedding : Google Blogger allow there blogger to upload Image to picasa account and embed to blogger blog , Without have to leave blogger Post window . you can also embed image if you have image url with you .
  • Unlimited Youtube Video embedding :  Google blogger allow you to embed unlimited youtube video also you can upload your video via webcam and Phone 
  • Monetize your blogger Blog : Google blogger is only free blogging platform that allow third party html , java script embedding. So, you utilize third party Html and java embedding  to  monetize your blog traffic with advertisement .
  • Tracks blogger traffic stats : Google blogger allow you to track your blogger stats without have to leave your blogger dashboard . However to get more accurate Traffic stats you can use Google annalitics 
  • Inviting Blogger Contributors : Google Blogger  allow the blog owner to invite upto 100 author to post and contribute on your blog .
  • Blog Portability : You can transfer your blogger blog to new user by inviting him as admin. 
  • Maximum number of blogs in blogger  : A Google blogger allow  maximum of 100 number of blogs per account 

Google blogger  ( Blogspot ) Cons

  • Blogger daily post limit : If you own a blogger blog then you are promoted to use captcha after  reaching 50 post a day. 

  • Deleting  blogger blog : Deleting blogger blog permanently require   Minimum of 90 days for complete blog deletion,which proves to be its advantage in case of retrieve back your deleted Blog . 
  • Require  Google account : To register your blog in blogger or blogspot you need Google account .


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