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Worldwide Success For Current and Future Mobile Apps

Worldwide Success For Current and Future Mobile Apps

Mobile apps
Not so long ago, mobile apps were akin to those who crash a party of the rich and famous in hopes of getting noticed. How times have changed. The growing business and personal use of innovative mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has increased both the demand for and the success of mobile apps across the globe.

And judging from recent reports, this success will continue well into the future.

Mobile Technology Demand Increasing

A report published in July 2013 by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. states that our modern economy is becoming increasingly more app-driven and that "more time and money is being spent on using mobile apps" than ever before. Research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that over 1 billion "smart connected devices" were shipped in 2012. Just five years ago, many people would have scoffed at the thought of these numbers.In 2013, it's expected that up to 190 million tablets and an astounding 918.5 million smartphones will be sold, and IDC expects that total worldwide shipments of mobile devices will exceed 2.2 billion by 2017. This will be due in large part to the adoption of mobile technology by large countries like India and China as well as smaller emerging countries.

Mobile Apps Play A Key Role

Smart mobile devices require well-designed apps to make them useful, and mobile app developers including SDI have more than met this challenge.Data presented by Flurry Analytic shows that 63 percent of the mobile apps used just in the last quarter of 2012 were new versus existing apps, proving that mobile users are continually trying new mobile apps for a variety of purposes.Additionally, Flurry states that mobile users in the United States spend a little over two hours each day on smartphones and tablets, and about two hours of that time is spent using various mobile apps. While gaming apps are still the most popular, there has been steady increase in utility and productivity apps as well as those for lifestyle and entertainment.

Looking Toward The Future

The increasing use of mobile technology will open many new avenues for mobile app developers. For example, as the mobile workforce grows, companies are creating dedicated enterprise app stores to ensure employee and company data stays secure, to have control over app use and to Simplify mobile app management.Mobile app developers can now follow the buying trends in app stores around the world to gain insight on what users want in both business and personal apps and focus on meeting these needs rather than guessing what consumers want. As mobile technology expands into new countries and developing markets, mobile apps will continue to be an essential element in the growth and success of our emerging worldwide mobile economy. Software Developers India has the expertise to help both small and large businesses successfully create and market their mobile apps around the world. Our developers are experts in Android, iOS, Windows platforms and will make the entire process easy.

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 Sakshi Sharma is working as mobility strategist at SDI and author of this article. She loves blogging and has vast knowledge on Mobile & Web app development. She can be reached at team@sdi.la or follow SDI on Google Plus to learn more!


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