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Eight Twitter Tools to Improve Your Business and Enhance Your Online Presence

8 Twitter tools that help grow business 


Twitter management tools come into play when you need to make your social media presence as effective and as manageable as possible.Twitter is a great platform for you to communicate with potential clients and help build a relationship. Use the listed tools to help improve on your twitter growth and your social media presence.

 Twitter Tools  to Improve Your Business

1. Buffer

This is a simple tool that schedules your tweets for posting at optimal times which are well spaced throughout the day. It does have a straight forward analytic tool that assists in determining the number of clicks received, retweets and the effectiveness of your tweets. One can get great analytics on your tweets, this helps in determining what your followers love or do not out of the content being shared as well as the most active session during your weekly tweets.

2. Bit.ly

It is a link shortening tool that allows you to access a dashboard where a track of data being published across all the social media platforms is kept. Bit.yl shows the number of clicks made and the geographic data of your audience. This tool aids in the measuring of the effectiveness of your social media presence. Get to customize and set up the URL you wish to use throughout your campaign period, this makes it easier and clearer for visitors to know where they are directed to. It allows you to know the platforms and browsers that individuals used to check out your content.

3. Twitter counter

It offers basic analytics and graphs for your twitter stats for the last three months by keeping a track record of recent followers and visitors to your site. It has a feature that sorts by hourly or monthly and can predict the number of followers you will get after a certain period of time. The tool has a number of buttons and widgets that individuals can add to their websites, social network profiles and blogs that shows the recent twitter visits and number of followers. Apart from that it has four thousand widgets that are generated on a daily basis on thousands of websites and has both a free and premium version package.

4. Tweroid

Get to determine the right time for sharing tweets so as to attract a huge audience. Tweriod analyses your brands followers’ activity and works out the time for tweeting when others are listening hence helps you to plan and schedule your content. The tool maximizes on your followers clicks and is free to use for basic analysis, it takes a couple of minutes to send you a full report to your email once an analysis has been made.

5. HootSuite

It is a popular tool amongst social media elites that allows you to launch and update tweets in multiple social accounts like twitter, LinkedIn, face book, Google+, MySpace and others social sites from one dashboard or website. It offers a free version that hosts up to five social profiles and a proversion for unlimited social profiles that has enhanced analytics. The tool has a feature that manages the content set-up to go out and what has been viewed, and has a RSS feed to help you automatically update your social accounts. It helps to keep your social networking organized and both versions have the ability to shrink links down, easily research profiles, analytics, publish contents for later and organize lists into groups.

6. SocialBro

SocialBro is a top most effective tool which monitors performance, analyses twitter followers and gives great insights about your marketing campaign. It has real time analysis that gives information about individual active users and those that have tweeted within the last ten minutes. This allows you to see your top 100 followers that helpto give you an optimum time to tweet during the week and day when your audience is listening. It manages your unfollowers data so as to keep the twitter followers/following ratio down. Get to see the language of your followers’ tweets, the time zone, region of tweets, number of followers, frequency of followers and number of tweets sent by your followers. This assists in the boosting of your twitter marketing by having an insight of what content is more relevant to your viewers. Get started on the tool by using the Google chrome browser by installing it as a browser tool from the chrome web store and later on create an account. Go ahead and link it onto your twitter profile account so as to allow it synchronize your current followers in order for you to view your results.

7. Commun.it

This is a relationship management and lead discovery that allows you track the growth of your twitter page. It has features that assists you with the management of your twitter account which is followers, groups, relationships, monitors engagement and discover new leads. Get to receive a selection of individuals deemed to be influential that you need to follow and a potential list that you should be un following. One can see their progression by using a communication engagement report that shows the number of tweets and retweets. The tool allows you todiscover new leads on twitter by the use of keywords that is relevant for your audience.

8. Followerwonk

This tool is a bio search feature that allows you to analyze, search, track and compare. It allows you to get an insight of who your followers are, place of location and their time of tweeting. The tool will help youcompare users inorder to know who you should be targeting and see your followers competition. This is a powerful resource that shows you influential followers that youneed followingyour brand. Analyzing your tweeter handle will give you the right time to tweet and retweet data which is based on your audience location and the time they tweet.One can look at the competitors’ followers using this tool and get to contact them or reach out to them through twitter or via a personal website.

These are the most important tools for your business. If you are looking for more tools, then I highly recommend you to visit below source. They are regularly updating their page with new Twitter tools which comes in market

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