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Harmful Schemes That Can Threaten Your Computer and Mobile .

Harmful Schemes That Can Threaten Your Computer and Mobile

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Do you know there are  enormous of threats and viruses that can Harm you mobile and Computer

It doesn’t matter if you are a Windows or a Mac user, we all face the same risks when it comes to computer security. Without a good protection it’s just a matter of time when some dangerous virus or other malicious software will attack our computer and threaten to destroy all of our personal and business information. 

We are all aware of the fact that computers or mobile phones cannot endanger themselves, and all the risk comes from the actions a user takes. This is way most cyber criminals will try to make you do actions with your computer you probably didn’t plan to do in the first place. The most common way to do this is to make you open an attachment that came in an email. By doing this you will release a virus and let it infect your computer. 

What do computer viruses do?

There are a number of things a virus can do to your computer or mobile phone. It can affect your device to such extent that it will become completely unresponsive, and the only way to get rid of it is to reset your computer to factory settings. This will of course mean that you will lose all information stored on the hard disk. 

What do phishing emails do

Phishing scams are very popular for obtaining personal information from users. In order to get to your data, cyber criminals will need you to enter them yourself. To convince you to do that they can send you an email from some company you have an account with. Usually these emails ask you to confirm your username, passwords or some other information, and when you enter them you’re actually giving them to a criminal that send an email in the first place. If this email appeared to be from your credit card company you might give your banking details to a criminal and soon find out that you bank account has been cleared or that someone used your credit card for unauthorized purchases. It’s very important to always keep in mind that no company that already has your personal information will ask you for them again. 

With the advance in new technologies mobile phones are becoming more and more vulnerable to these attacks so protecting your phone is as important as protecting your computer. Since smartphones are much easier to forget, lose or get stolen, your personal information and banking data if unprotected could easily become used by someone else. If someone gets in hold of your phone he will have the access to information that can bring you serious consequences or enable him to access all your bank accounts

That’s way mobile tracking solutions like mSpy are a great way to protect your phone. Cell phone monitoring apps let you see all actions on a targeted phone and enables you to remotely access it. If you happen to lose your phone or if it’s stolen you can use such software to remotely lock it, send a message to a person that took it or even remotely delete all information stored on the phone. This app is also a great way to protect your children’s phones from virus attacks. Since they don’t take online security and responsibility as serious as adults do, you can use mobile tracking tool to monitor their internet activities and block web sites you think can damage their phone, delete dangerous emails and much more.

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