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How to Put Restrictions on Usage of Corporate Cell Phones .

How to Put Restrictions on Usage of Corporate Cell Phones 

Mobile tracking android appAn employer has to learn to multi-task when it comes to running a business. You not only have to deal with making sure that your company is earning money, getting and keeping customers, providing great service, having a good reputation but that your employees are happy and doing what they are hired for. When problems arise regarding misuse of company properties, unforeseen expenses or information leakage, it makes for a bigger headache for you. When you provide a cell phone to your staff, you expect that it will be utilized only for business purposes since the business owns it and you are paying for the expense of using it. But that does not always happen as there are so many reasons and temptation to use it for something else. One example is when it gets used for personal calls to friends in other countries. That will generate a usage bill that has to be paid by the company.

What about if your staff is using the phone to communicate with another company and is sending out your company’s confidential information via email? If the employee is resigning, the information on the phone can be used for industrial espionage especially if they are being pirated by another company in the same industry. Your client list can be obtained and passed on to them and you are in danger of a lawsuit because of mishandling of customer information. For businesses that are involved in manufacturing or have designs that you don’t want to get to the public eye until you officially launch it, the risk is higher because your rival company will surely love to get hold of your ideas on a new product or services and use it for their own or modify it and launch it ahead of you. That will mean a tremendous loss for your business not to mention wasted time and effort for developing something that was lost to a rival company.

Even if your employees are only using their company cell phone for accessing social sites, sending text messages or playing games, it is still being done on company property and during office hours. This is a time when they should be working and not getting any distraction. A single text message to a friend may turn into a long conversation that will eat up hours of valuable time. If caught doing this, the employer or HR person has no option but to give a sanction to the employee which in turn will upset them and may lead to a separation either by termination or resignation. Both scenarios can easily be avoided if there is no temptation on the mobile device or if they know it is being monitored.

How do you stop misuse of company issued mobile phones?

When you provide your employees with a mobile phone, install monitoring software on it so you will have access to all the information and activities connected to its use. It is not altogether surprising that more and more employers are utilizing the use of spying software like mSpy in order to keep employees from abusing the privilege of having a company issued phone. After all, it is the company resources and expense that is on the line.

For the security of your business, spying applications for mobile phones like mSpy is very important. You can download and install it to the mobile device prior to giving it to your staff so you are assured that your company information is safe. Having mSpy on the cell phone will grant you access to it at all times no matter what your employees are doing on it. You can see the text messages, hear recordings of incoming and outgoing calls, read emails, view instant messages sent via Skype or WhatsApp, check their browsing history and control the applications being downloaded on the device. Plus, you get a bonus of knowing their exact location via the GPS tracker.

If and when it comes to a point when you need to provide proof that the employee is being remiss in their performance of the job that is assigned to them, mSpy will be your ally. You will be able to show that there are records of text messages, emails and calls that the employee has on the mobile phone which is not used for business purposes. It may not be a good ending for both of you and you may lose that employee but at least you are not going to be a victim or be accused of illegal termination. You can avoid the expense of a lawsuit since your staff knows they won’t have a leg to stand on because you are not only right but you also have the documents to support your position with the help of monitoring software like mSpy.

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