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Proofreading Ways for a More Confident Blogging

Proofreading tips and ways for Bloggers


Bloggers should be good not just in providing topics their readers would read and love. They should also be good in spelling, grammar, punctuation, organization and consistency when they write. Mistakes with those elements can indicate little effort and skill in writing blogs as well as poor and unreliable posts to the readers.

Some tips on how to proofread for a more confident blogging


#1 Don't rely on computer's spelling and grammar checker

First thing most bloggers and writers do is to check their works with their computer's spelling and grammar checker. Professional editors don't depend on it for they believe that it is not consistent and might skip minor even the major errors. Relying on spell checker can make the editing process easier but doesn't promise good result.

#2 Read your writing in another reader's perspective

Reading a writing objectively makes someone critically assess it. If you read your writing as though you didn't write it can help you pin point errors the moment you read it.

#3 Consider the audience

You write for your readers and you should proofread what you wrote for them too. One good thing about proofreading and editing is that authors get the chance to go back to filling the information they may have missed for their audience.

#4 Keep references nearby

Writing and editing references such as books, dictionaries and thesaurus need to be always accessible not only when you write and edit but also during free time. Remember that you are a writer/blogger that needs continuous learning and mastering the writing and editing rules.

#5 Have someone read your work

If you have a friend that is also into writing and blogging, ask him to read and give feedback regarding your work. It is better if he knows good from bad writings so you can have trusty suggestions you will apply to the post. Bloggers already practice this. This way, they just don't help each other. They also develop their proofing skills.

#6 Allot enough time in proofreading your post

Slow down. It is not advisable to hurry when reviewing your work. The result of the editing process will always depend on the effort you put in it. Spend an amount of time reading your work and checking for errors to ensure that you don't skip any flaw. If you do this, you will feel more confident in publishing your post.

The reason you are blogging is to share information. The more readers find your post clear and reliable, the more they will read your blog and the more confident and successful blogger you will become.

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