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Recommended WordPress Search Plugins .

Best Search Plugins for WordPress Recommended 

Best Search Plugins for WordPress Recommended WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best website and blogging platforms in the world. The fact that it powers 1 our of every 6 sites on the Internet (at least from the first 10, 000, 000) gives you a clear idea of how many people use it for their online needs on a daily basis. One of the reasons WP is so successful is its impeccable content management system (CMS). However, once you start involving more work into the platform, you realize that the CMS alone is just not enough. Like I said, the excellent CMS is just one of the secrets behind WordPress' astounding popularity, implying that there are more (and indeed there are). Where the system itself lacks the proper means to cover all your needs, you can easily employ the use of the thousands of different plugins readily available for you in the system. Some of the most useful plugins you can find are related to searching. WP's native searches don't always give you the best results of what you're looking for. You can spend several minutes at a time trying to locate something that should be much easier to access. This is where these valuable plugins come into play. They can help you sort out through your documents much easier and much faster than the native system and they can help your viewers find what they're looking for with ease. 

Here are some of my WordPress Search Plugins recommendations.

Search Everything

Search Everything is an excellent plugin. It's a great addition to the native system and gives you tons of options to choose from. Aptly named “Search Everything” it enables you to sort out through your content at the speed of an accelerating bullet. You can search through categories, comments, drafts, tags, pages and more. The utility of the plugin is almost limitless and it shines throughout its many uses. If you need a better sorting tool, then this is just what you're looking for.

Better Search

Whereas Search Everything works more as a complementary tool to your default search engine, Better Search replaces it altogether. Aside from the unimaginative name, Better Search truly is better than your default search. The plugin enables you to search your blog or site based on the content, itself, as well as the titles, and grants you access to much more relevant results than the default search engine ever would. You can choose between content and title in the “weight” of the search. This means that you can choose the priority of the search result to apply to the content or the title. If you're looking for a particular title, it's really easy to find it. If you don't know the title but have an idea of what the content is, then you can use that in the search parameters. Best part it is that it seamlessly integrates within your template.


With a more inspired name and added utility, Relevanssi, just like Better Search is here to replace your default search engine on WP. Also like Better Search, it gives you access to more relevant results and enables you to more easily sort your content out. There are several differences, however. For example, the “fuzzy words” function lets you find keywords based on partial match if the full match isn't found. It's perfect for those occasions when you're not entirely sure what you're looking for. There are also suggestions added when the search engine doesn't recognize a word or a phrase (just like when you're googling something but you make a mistake and Google asks you if you meant something else). It's a rather useful search engine plugin to fit all your needs. 

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