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How To Create A Professional Resume For Free

Creating a Professional Resume

A professional resume is the most significant tool that helps you in the process of job search. It is the initial point of contact between you and the recruiter and must be prepared with utmost care and detail. Recruiters do not have the time to stop and read every application and so your resume must be class-apart in order to draw their attention. It should be neatly structured and organized. The following points will discuss how to create a professional resume that will help you land an interview.

Try these tips to make your resume work for you –

Resume making

Points to consider in  professional resume

Keep the length short 

Don’t go overboard with the information. Concisely present only what is relevant. Ideally, your resume should be of two pages. It should also be easy to read so present all the important information upfront and also use sub-headings and bullet structure to improve legibility. 

Show that you can meet the employer’s needs 

In a resume, you have to market yourself as a professional. Recruiters are known to rapidly scan the document within seconds so correct positioning means everything! The challenge is to quickly portray that you have what is required in a chronological order, starting with the most recent job experience. You can start by showing a ‘Profile’ section that mentions your core strengths in a format that is quick to read.  

Replace the objective with positioning statement

Certain employers may not like reading the ‘Objective’ section as it talks about your needs as a professional. What they would like to read is how you can service the needs of the company. So, start with a short positioning statement that clearly highlights what you will bring to the table if you are hired for this role. Recruiters will then see your worth and move on to reading the other sections. 

Differentiate yourself from the herd

By glancing through your CV, recruiters will get to know about your prior responsibilities in your previous workplaces. What your resume should also convey is the quantifiable achievements that other candidates may not show. These will lend more credibility to your application and help create a clearer picture of you in the minds of the employers. 

Check for typos 

Proofread and spell-check your resume before sending it across. Even a single typo can ruin your application as the reader may think you are not aware of the word or non-serious to send the CV without proof-reading it. 

List only the relevant details

Leave out your hobbies and pastimes unless they help support your candidature. You may also axe out –
Marital status
Number of children
Non-professional affiliations

Don't be shy to boast

Being modest may not help you much. So step up and seek credit for your accomplishments. You may feel you will be given the chance to go all out and prove yourself in the round of personal interview, but what if your resume can’t create magic in the first go? You may not get another chance at all. So leave modesty aside and start bragging.

Keep a soft copy of your resume ready 

Remember to create an internet-ready version of your CV so that you can mail it whenever required. However, in such cases you should be aware of the fact that applicant tracking systems or ATS require the right density of keywords related to the job profile. So make sure you pick the right words from the given job description and implement in the CV. Also, you may only require a text-only document as many online systems do not support unique fonts, images and special characters.

To get a clearer idea of the perfect layout of a resume, you can check out sample available on the internet.

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