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Top 4 Android Cell Phone Spy App.

Top 4 (Cell phone) Android Spy Apps 

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Smartphones have long since become an integral part of our lives - and we can’t do without them no matter how hard we try. However, with their prolific use comes some prolific problems as well. Over the course of the past decade people have also found ways around some of the problems.

There are some cell phone spy apps that are used by various people to keep problems at bay. This article takes a look at the best of the lot. The app you use depends largely on what you’re trying to keep a check on and what you want to achieve.

Top 4 Cell Phone Spy App 2014

Phone Sheriff

Developed around the concept of parental control, Phone Sherriff is designed to make parenting easier. Phone Sherriff is easily the most flexible tracking app as it functions well with almost all operating systems in the smartphone market. Phone call log, text messages, e-mails, notes, memos and much more is captured by this app and sent to the operator for review. Pictures and videos that are shot from the camera of the smartphone are all saved by the tracking app. Once in contact with the device in some way, data which has not even been saved cannot escape the Phone Sherriff. The app however comes with its own set of flaws the most significant of them being that it has a weak customer support system.


mSpy grabs one of the top positions among other mobile tracking apps. it is a combination of top-notch features and an excellent service. Features include call and text message monitoring, keeping a track of the web browsing history, e-mails and downloads, monitoring pictures and videos taken by the device’s camera and a sound recording of the surroundings of the smartphone. This spy app can run on most popular operating systems in the tech market right now except the iOS. To function properly on an iPhone, the device has to be jailbroken so that it is able to support a tracking app like this. It has a 24/7 customer support system and mSpy app is completely hidden making its detection near impossible.


Mobistealth is a monitoring app offering its users some very sophisticated technology for monitoring a smartphone. One of the features that distinguish it from other tracking apps that are lying around in the tech market is the fact that it offers high-end technology at very affordable pricing. Unlike some of its cheaper counterparts, it monitors the device on a 24/7 basis instead of regular intervals. One of the best features that the app offers is the ability to record the phone’s surroundings, or listen to them whenever the installer wants. The phone’s own microphone is used to bug it and deliver the results.

Mobile Spy

Even though this app offers fewer features than other monitoring apps on the shelf, Mobile Spy is all what you need for effective monitoring. It has all the basic features that prove useful for tracking. Mobile Spy doesn’t just monitors calls but also makes a complete sound clip of the entire conversation. Text messages bit sent and received can be reviewed with the help of this app. Mobile spy excels in the functionality of the features it offers. An excellent GPS tracking system gives the accurate location of the device. Whenever the app has some data it has captured from the device via monitoring, it uses the device’s internet to upload it on a confidential panel that the operator is given access to. From here, the operator can review the data and use it for his or her own purpose.

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