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Why is Android Such a Big Hit in 2013?

Why is Android Such a Big Hit in 2013? 

Why Android Such a Big HitAndroid has emerged as a clear winner since its launch in 2008. Right from its inception, the operating system has witnessed dramatic development with each passing year. It is presently active on several millions of devices across 190 countries, and is thus worked with by every web design company. A recent IDC Worldwide report in Business Insider states that Android OS controls almost 80% of the global market of smartphones as of Q2 2013. In 2012, their market share was just below 70%. About 187 Android devices have been reported to be shipped in the second quarter of this year. 

This is not at all a bad score, given the fact that Android is the last major OS to enter the market. 

Undoubtedly, it is Google's business acumen that has led to the success of the OS. But, there are other factors too that are responsible for Android being such a hit in the world of technology.

One of such factors would be the fact that Android as an app development framework is open source and community-based. It does not have to deal with the various restrictions of the iOS or Windows market. Users can create any type of content they want without having to worry about wasting their resources on applications that will not meet strict criteria. With this low-barrier idea, the OS has managed to attract more and more users. This, in turn, has increased the competition among app- developers, which, again, has improved the quality and quantity of the services offered by a leading and professional web design company in India. So, amidst all these, who stands as the ultimate winner? The user. With the use of this OS, he can have access to numerous apps and enjoy their improved offerings. No wonder, the OS is a smartphone user's favorite.

Along with having an impeccable and user-friendly software, Android enjoys another advantage that Windows and iOs will possibly never have, which is the freedom of third party companies like LG, Samsung and others to create a hardware that Android can operate on. That explains the several models of the OS. The fact that Android is available to any phone manufacturer, has resulted in the OS being available across several types of models available at varied prices, forms and features. Apple comes out with one new improved phone each year. But the problem is that if you do not like its form or the price at which it comes, you hardly care. Android, on the other hand, is available in so many types of models that there is something to suit every taste and budget.

An array of inexpensive and powerful units is the result of the versatile and competitive nature of Android. While the OS has been well-received in the United States of America, its domestic market, it is an out-and-out hit in the rest of the world, especially in India. The reason behind this is the growing number of middle class people there, who want value for money. They get to enjoy the various offerings of the OS at affordable prices.

Android's strategy of allowing hardware developers to use the OS has proven to be a worthy move that has helped them make a mark in the smartphone market. According to a report by Times of India, almost 90% of the smartphones in India has Android as its OS. Windows has a market share of 5.4 % and iOS that of 2.3%. With the already millions of people using the OS in India, the value of developing markets in India are likely to outstrip markets where iOS is at advantage. The ever increasing market share and growth of the Android community will only enhance the profit potential and robustness of the OS in the market.

Another factor that is responsible for the growth of the Android market is the increasing popularity of third-party messaging applications in the developing countries. As SMS is chargeable, third-party messaging apps are much in demand as they come free of cost. Moreover, with the apps, one can share images and videos besides text. This has, hence, become a lucrative and competitive market for developers due to its increased popularity over the last few quarters.

As of now, the trends for Android are very positive. Its market has reached a critical mass and is enjoying a positive feedback from the growing number of users owing to the improvement in the quality and quality of the applications developed by a web design company.

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