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How Infographics Can Benefit Your Blog.

How Infographics Can Benefit Your Blog

InfographicsSuccessful blogs often emphasize concise, easy-to-read content that maintains a reader’s interest beyond the introductory sentence. Blog posts should not read like novels, or readers may lose interest quickly. It’s not so much the word count of posts that matters; the approach of the author can significantly influence bounce rates and reader engagements. Creating a new paragraph every few sentences and using interesting subheadings to break up content are some examples of stylistic approaches that work in catering to readability. In addition, Infographics offer a number of reader-friendly benefits, including those below:

Pros (Benefit  ) of Infographic blogging for your blog

Statistical Data Becomes More Concise

To prove a point or reassert a recent discovery, bloggers often call upon statistical data. Unfortunately, most readers are not scientists or lawyers, so they may not be accustomed to reading complex statistics in textual form. Instead, bloggers can use infographics to find a perfect medium between textual data and visual representation. Bloggers can use tools like Piktochart and Visual.ly to create infographics that are uniquely tailored to their blog. Since the tools are mostly easy to use, no artistic inclination is required.

Social Sharing Becomes More Abundant

One way blogs develop followers and increase their visibility on search engines is by having others link to their blog posts. By incorporating infographics into a blog post, bloggers increase the likelihood that their posts will be shared on social media. Most social media is reflective of quickly digestible content. Infographics align with that ideology, making it easy to see why an image preview showing infographicsis likely to pique the interest of a Facebook user. As an added benefit, using infographics as a viral tool is perceived more positively by Google’s search algorithms, as opposed to spam-oriented link building techniques.

Brand Awareness Is Increased

It can be a tough task to raise awareness for a brand with text alone. Pitching a brand to others using an exclusively textual approach can result in severe limitations, ranging from lacking one-on-one personality to easy-to-read data. Infographics eliminate both potential weaknesses by quickly informing others about the usefulness of a brand or product by showcasing what void it fills through data and research. Infographics make data stand out, as opposed to existing solely in the monochromatic world of textual data.

Increased Website Traffic

With increased brand awareness and social sharing comes increased traffic. Some sites see dramatically positive results by incorporating infographics into blog posts. For example, Social Media Today found that one of their infographics detailing a social media checklist resulted in increased traffic on their site by 400%, while leads were increased by almost 4500%. While these numbers may severely vary based on your site’s topic and the effectiveness of the included infographics, there is usually not a case of infographics having a detriment impact. In almost all cases, Infographics increase user engagement and overall visibility on search engines and social media.

User Demographics and Behaviors Are Expanded

Some readers prefer text, while others prefer images. Then there’s an assortment of readers that enjoy a mixture of both. By incorporating both infographics and relevant text into a blog post, bloggers are accommodating a wide range of reader types, who can then choose how they would like to approach the article. As a result, it’s best to limit text in infographics and instead focus on data and accompanying pictures. Any necessary text can be added in the blog post itself, which is useful for search engines to pick up keywords in addition to the potential viral phenomenon of the infographics.

Regardless of their blog’s topic, all bloggers can incorporate infographics to better express statistical data, expand demographics and improve brand awareness and social sharing. With several free tools like Piktochart and Visual.ly that allow anyone to create effective infographics, there is no reason to not try incorporating them into your blog posts when relevant.

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