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How to Pick Best Tree For Your yard .

Picking the Best Trees for Your Yard

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Imagine having a well manicured lawn or a backyard with an array of pretty trees. A picture perfect setting isn’t’ it? Planning to pick a tree for your yard is a daunting task as trees become landmarks in years to come. Planting a tree is one of the most compassionate acts to protect and nurture our beautiful Mother Earth, so you must pat yourself on the back. So you have made up your mind and do not know how to go about it.

Many factors need to be kept in mind while picking a tree for your yard as the criteria differs from place to place. Some tips remain constant while you are picking up the perfect tree to adorn your backyard for years to come. We have identified some easy to follow tips which will help in making your selection process easier.

Ready reckoner to picking the perfect tree for you.

1. Know your objective

Do you know why you wish for a tree? Is it for shade, privacy, accentuate your yard, fulfilling a childhood dream or to do your bit for Mother Nature. All these reasons need to be clearly identified before taking the final decision on the kid of tree you want. Once you are clear about the objective, you can initiate the process easily.

2. Research popular trees in your area

Speak within your neighbouring households to understand their journey in picking up trees. Also analyze the soil, the trees in your area, the climatic conditions of your place, availability of water and the care needed to help it grow. By doing this, you will have few clear options in front of you making the selection process less confusing and cumbersome. Also learn from experience with various trees planted by your neighbours.

3. Visualise the tree

When you visualize the tree in your yard, do you think of one with blossoms, or an evergreen one or maybe an imposing one which will make every passerby take notice? All these factors will help narrow down your choices. If you want flowers, then the colour of blossoms is important, if evergreen, the size is important.

4. Is it easily available?

An important point to consider as the tree needs to be easily available in your area. One can do research in listings to find the list of trees that are easy to source from around where you stay.

5. Cost factor

The cost of procuring it, planting it and the maintenance it needs should be easy to calculate. If the initial cost is fine, but the amount of water, fertilizers and other factors required to nurture it is high, then one needs to be aware of the same. There should be a balance of both, the initial investment and maintenance costs.

6. Involvement factor

You need to be realistic about the time you can devote to your tree. If you travel or cannot afford a gardener, you need to factor all these points in before zeroing in on the tree. Trees need care for the right development. You need to study their growth patterns, their needs and what is best suited to them. Much like he time and involvement that babies require. Make sure you do show that kind of involvement, If you cannot, you’re bound to fail.

7. The quality of specimen

The kind of specimen of tree you pick is very important as this choice can impact your entire garden. Consult a specialist while selecting the tree as a bad specimen will hamper the growth and the foliage around too.

By planting a tree in your yard you are directly contributing to conservation of our natural diversity, so go ahead and get the perfect longtime companion now.

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