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How To Save Your Smartphone’s Battery .

How To Save Your Smartphone’s Battery

How To Save Your Smartphone’s Battery

Are you one of those eccentric - but so loaded that you look with contempt at Fort Knox – characters who cannot be bothered to keep track of the plethora of cellphones he owns, let alone of the batteries inside them? Go then to trade in bullions in billions. If, on the other hand, you are a lesser mortal like the rest of us, pay heed and stay here for a while to make your cellphone batteries last longer than you would ever imagine.

Ways To Save Your Smartphone's battery

Bad Vibration

The vibration mode is something that comes in handy when you do not want to be disturbed during the course of whatever you are doing; like you were in a meeting with your boss, or, were with the bossy father of your prospective mate or sleeping like a log after a hard day’s work. What you may not know is that vibration mode causes your cellphone battery loses charge fast. Use it by all means but, only when it is absolutely needed. 

Romantic Dim

If you have your cellphone always on auto bright mode, it will know when to go full blast or when to show some restraint and go dim. Or, unless you are wearing glasses as thick as a rhino’s skin, keep your phone at its dimmest. Batteries can last a whole lot more time if lighting is the least bright. 

Short Time-out

Time-out refers to the time that you see the cellphone continuing its glowing even after you have completed the task and put it off. You can shorten this time duration to minimum available segment. You can achieve the best results if you set your phone so that the lights go off the moment you finish. 

Switch Off

If you do not expect to use your phone for anything at all, switch it off. When you expect to spend the next several hours in deep slumber and do not want to be disturbed, switch your cell phone off. If you are paranoid about people trying desperately to contact you, ask them to call you on land line.

Charging at Will

Some people just can’t bear to see the battery level at anything lesser than full. If you are one of them, relax. Cellphone batteries do not need to get recharged till they are on their last leg. In fact, a cell phone battery’s life span expands or shrinks in direct proportion to the times they get recharged. Each time it is recharged, it loses some of its overall capacity. Nickel-Cadmium batteries belong to this category. Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries are even more susceptible. Li-Ion is to be charged more times but has a longer life than the other two. 

Close Unnecessary Apps

Batteries are not very well disposed to multi-tasking. Especially so if you do not close the apps after you are done. They keep getting drained unless the set is completely switched off. There are some apps which are kind to batteries. They do not draw too much power from batteries. Use them as far as possible. 

GPS : Drain On Battery

If you are MI6 or CIA, use GPS 24X7. Or, switch it off as soon as you have located that reindeer specialty restaurant in the middle of Sahara. For, the battery in your cellphone may not last long if you keep using this app or if you do not close it.

No Tooth, Blue or Otherwise

Bluetooth uses up a lot of battery power. This application has a habit of continuing to scan for the right target without bothering about poor reception conditions. Even if this action continues for some minutes, battery will get weakened. If you are not very sure about getting your connection, you had switch off the app. 

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