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Ten Ways Law Firms Can Convert Visitors into new Clients

Ten Ways How Law Firms Can Convert Visitors into new Clients

All businesses need to have a website in order to attract new customers quickly and easily. The quality of the website and the content on it will have a large impact on whether these visitors will become clients. All law firms need a professional looking and sounding website in order to survive these days. Just take a look at the top ten ways law firms can convert the visitors to their website into clients.

   Ten Ways Law Firms can Convert Visitors into new Clients

1. Attracting more Visitors

You will want to attract as many visitors as possible to your site to try and increase the numbers of customers that you have. It's possible to build customer numbers in quite a few ways, but the best is by using SEO techniques. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique where you write content which contains certain keywords and upload them to your site and other article sharing sites. This will make your site look more important and the links to your site will also be favored by search engines like Google. 

Just attracting more visitors won't be enough though. You could attract millions of visitors, but if you have an awful website then this could make people click straight off and choose someone else.

2. Look Professional

As a law firm you are a professional company and so you should behave as one. If your website is made using a lot of clip-art, animated gifs and fairly amateur looking graphics then think again. This will make you look like a backstreet shady company, even if you're not. You need a professional looking site which will help you to compete with the big boys. Fortunately web design isn't that expensive these days. 

3. Have good Content

A website might look great, but it is still no good to visitors if it doesn't provide any content. Try to come up with questions that most people would have when contacting your company and write articles about them. Upload them on your site for people to read through. If a person has a particular question they may search for this and come across your site. By answering questions you can appear as more of an authority figure which will make your business much more trustworthy and people are more likely to become your clients.

4. Offer Advice

As a lawyer you are probably very busy and don't have much spare time to offer advice for free. It might seem counter productive but it can actually grow your site and attract lots of customers. Register on one of the many legal discussion forums on the Internet. If anyone posts a question which is in your area of expertise then post a reply. Your reward for this will be good karma, and also the ability to leave a link back to your site. Plus, what's more by actually being a helpful lawyer you are appearing as more human and so people will be more likely to become a client of yours.

5. Blog

Blogs are everywhere these days, but they aren't just for individuals. Businesses can actually build up a good following using a blog on their own site. Start coming up with weekly or monthly blog topics and writing articles on them. Post them to your site to try and attract more customers which could become clients.

6. PPC Advertising

If you have built a great site and want a quick and easy way to attract new customers then you might like to try PPC adverts. These are also known as Pay Per Click ads and can be useful. Basically, instead of paying every time an ad is displayed, you only pay when someone clicks on it. This should make them more likely that they will become a client because they are interested in your services. Jut make sure you set limits when using PPC ads otherwise you could end up spending a fortune. Popular PPC programs include Google Adwords.

7. Talk to your Past Clients

One of the best ways to get new clients is to ask for referrals. Hopefully you have lots of satisfied clients, why not try to contact these and ask them for a testimonial. You could also try offering them an incentive for them recommending you to their friends and family. This is quite an inexpensive way of getting new clients.

8. Social Networking

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be very useful for businesses. Try setting an account up on each of these and ask your past clients to follow you on both sites. This will increase your profile and also show off how many satisfied customers you have. Twitter is also quite a useful platform to quickly resolve any problems.

9. Checking your Site

You will need to spend some time checking that you are happy with your site. Check everything is correct, when you are happy it's worthwhile having someone else go over it for you too. This way you can get an idea of what your visitors will think of your site.

10. Looking at your Visitors

Set up Google Analytic's on your site as an easy way to look at how your visitors are finding your site. You will be able to see where they are coming from, what search terms they used, and also where in the world they are visiting from. This will give you valuable knowledge to help refine your marketing strategies.

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

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