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Tips to analyze and defeat your competitors

Tips to analyze and defeat your competitors

Tips to analyze and defeat your competitors
If one wishes to beat their competitors then it is a good idea to know as much about them as possible. This is because you can copy the things they do well, and reject the ideas that are not working for them. You may also see how your Internet marketing is being affected by their Internet marketing efforts. The only trouble is that in the online world you have hundreds of competitors. Here are a few tips to help you analyze and defeat your competitors.

Tips to improve your website Ranking and Defeat Competitors

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Run backlink programs to see where they are linking from

There are lots of backlink programs and most of them do not require you to prove a website is yours before allowing you to run a backlink check. You can set your backlink checkers onto the plump websites of your unsuspecting competitors and see where they are getting their backlinks from. You can steal their backlink ideas and get backlinks from some of their more usable places (especially any trade directories that they link from).

Have your prices the same as theirs

There is always this massive compulsion to beat the prices of your competitors, but this is a fruitless race that will get you nowhere. Added to which, if you have lower prices than some people will assume you have lower quality goods. Instead you should compete on unique selling points (USPs) and service. The tag line saying that your prices are the same as your competitors but you get the products out in three days instead of five is far more powerful than “look, look, we are cheaper.”

Manipulate the price comparison sites at your own risk

As far as advice on this one goes--there is none. You may manipulate price comparison websites by hiding charges. The most commonly hidden one is a delivery charge. The price comparison site will not mention a delivery charge, or may even say free delivery, but then up pops a delivery charge at the end. Hiding charges means you can appear to be the cheapest. It is up to you if you do this, but you are going to make a lot of people angry if they get all the way to the checkout only to find they have to pay more than the price comparison website said.

What are their USPs and how do they compare to yours?

What USP of theirs beats yours? How good are they compared to you? Do they have a better product or is their service better? Figure out their strengths because you need to play them down in order to win. You can bet your barrel of cheese that they are using your weaker selling points in order to make their selling points look all the stronger.

For example, they may get their products to the customers a lot faster, so you can claim that even though your products get there slower, you receive far fewer missed delivery reports and “damaged in the post” complaints than your competitor.

Is part of their service a big draw for their customers?

If you are selling the same products as your competitor and they are making more sales than you, then they are doing something right. If they are advertising more then there adverts must be working or they would not be able to afford to keep running them. If they are a bigger company then it may be that they are more trusted. If you can find out why your competitors are getting more sales then you can apply that quality to your own company too.

Is their company easier to trust and how can you change that?

Attacking the credibility of another company is hard to do and will often result in a lot of loss on your side. Trust is a big issue for companies and trust is needed to sell products. If you cannot shake the thing that makes your competitor trustworthy, then add that fact to your brand and enlarge it.

If their company is trusted because it is a big American company, then play on how established you are, and how you are a tax paying American company. You can also claim that you only employ hard working, honest, taxpaying Americans and that you would never ship services (customer service or otherwise) to other countries. Not only are you tapping into what makes your competitor trustworthy, you are amplifying it when applying it to yourself.

What keywords are they optimizing for?

You can check this by looking at the source code of their pages to see which keywords appear in their Meta tags. You can also copy and paste their content onto word counters and see which potential keywords seem to appear more often than not, as these will also be the keywords they are optimizing for. You can put yourself in direct competition with them if you use the same keywords.

What SEO mistakes are they making?

This is a very clever way of getting ahead of your competitors. Run backlink checkers and use the other methods noted on this website and try to notice a few of the mistakes they are making. Even have a look at their HTML code to see if it is clean or if it is polluted with other types of website coding. Also, take note of their loading times. Make sure you beat them on the SEO aspects that they are falling down on and you are all set.

Which searches do their pages rank the highest for?

Run Google searches on keywords and key phrases that you want to rank highly for yourself. Take a look at your competitors above you and see which of their pages are ranking above yours. There may just be one or two, and if that is the case then it is time to start stealing SEO ideas from all the pages above you and applying them to pages you want to beat your competitors with.

What is their social-media reputation like?

There are lots of social media metric tools you can use. Is their online reputation wide but seemingly un-influential. Alternately, every time they make a post they elicit a fluster of excitement online. If this is the case then it may be time to start hiring people to troll on their social media sites. You can even be cheeky and have them start inserting links for your competitors including comments that are nothing short of adverts. This will cause your competitors to start fighting over sleazy tactics whilst all the time not realizing that you are paying people to cause the trouble.

Are their weaknesses covered by your strengths?

You need to know what threats exist for their company and how may you exploit them? You need to make sure your strengths are here to beat out there weaknesses. Try to find out which customers are they targeting and push your strengths that highlight your competitors’ weaknesses.

How does their website compare to yours?

Think of things such as usability, page count, product count, and could you target a smaller segment of their target audience? Pulling away just a few in an effective manner is better than fighting tooth and nail to get just one or two of their customers. How many websites do they actually own to support the business? They may have more than one, and it will probably be obvious by the suspicious amount of reciprocal linking that is going on.

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