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Why Cloud Computing ? Its Pros and Cons .

Why Cloud Computing is a Necessary

cloud computingThe way we use the technology has become History now. Every day we see something new being shown up in terms of technology for us to be beneficial. Every company and an Individual are using tens of thousands of Apps to carry their works in these days. 

Using Hardware and software in companies to carry forward their work on their own has become outdated. The most sophisticated technology called Cloud computing has taken the place of that and simplified the process of setting up the Hardware and software of companies. The cloud has transformed the way we run the companies and businesses these days. Imagine, the convenience of having everything like, Servers, Applications, Storage / Data, Virtual OS and Software Platform altogether at “one place”! Astonishing is it? Yes, that one sophisticated technology is called “Cloud Computing”.

Biggest companies also prefer to adapt the Cloud computing technology for all their essential works. There are companies like Salesfoce.com are keeping up with this technology of cloud computing to provide the cloud computing as a “Service” too many companies. It takes the responsibility to update technology and security to give an assurance to all the big companies to avail the service with complete security. There are Apps and Tools available on the Cloud to Test Phone Applications to Web Applications in a wider range. One such thing available one the Cloud is called PurpleStrike RT, this Real Time (RT) load tester is a turnkey performance testing service on the cloud with intuitive user interface. The advantage of this is you can automate real applications and run web applications from real browsers to generate real time load scenarios. 

cloud computing architecture

Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloud Computing

Pros of Cloud Computing

Most of the companies are going “cloud” as a reason that they don’t have to set up a separate software and hardware to run the Apps and Tools on their own. This in turn will reduce the cost of all the hardware, software and maintenance of it. Moreover, it has become easier for companies to scale up or scale down the usability of Apps in a flexible manner through cloud. The usage of Apps has become easier and flexible that, we only have to open up the browser and by means of “Internet”, the Apps will be easily accessed and used in an instant as per our convenience. 

Most of the companies have started using services like customer relationship management CRM through “Cloud Computing” which doesn’t just have an “easy access” but rather more secured and maintenance free option for companies in terms of “Expenditure of companies”. 

The technical aspects of Cloud Computing has opened up numerous ways to Tech Giants to explore their own products by means of putting altogether at “one place”. This simple form of the idea has been transformed into “The most adapted technology” among the Technical world nowadays.

Imagine The Flexibility of “accessing anything from anywhere”. The employees don’t necessarily be at the working place but rather they get access of every tools and software on the Cloud to work at. The Companies no longer have the necessity to employ the workers at office and consequently, the expenditure for Large Office setups and commutation facilities will be reduced enormously.

Cons of Cloud Computing

Like every other technology, The Advanced technology like Cloud computing will also have its cons. One of disadvantages of Cloud computing is the nature of dysfunction at times. As we all know that, it has all the great convenience and accessibility of things on the internet, hackers will always be on the look to harm the data present on the Cloud. Perhaps, it is presumption that needs to be taken care seriously so as to avoid such things.

Undoubtedly, it proves to be one of the Great strengths and benefit to the companies and individuals. It may also turn out to be Harm if not used properly and securely.

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

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