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5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors at SEO .

Ways to Beat Your Competitors at SEO

Blogging is a huge field comprises of thousands of fields in it. Each blog has different niche. There are so many bloggers working same as you. It may be wonderable to see other blogs of your niche have higher ranking that your site. You may have some part missing from the SEO point of view. Below I have listed the key points or the tips that can help you beat your competitor and rank you on the top page of search engine.

5 Sucessful Ways to Beat Your Competitors at SEO

SEO Competitors

1. Focus on Content

“Content is King” is the universal truth in the field of SEO and blogging. Make the content of your blog unique and error free. Write in simple words that visitor feels easy to understand. The golden rule to rank in the search engine is the unique content. Otherwise, it may happen that Google penalize you. There are companies and online blogs that guide to Google penguin recovery  consult them because in the past many of the blogs have dropped their ranking due to copying content. Make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake

2. Proper keyword research 

While making content for the blog, keyword plays a vital role in it. You need to focus on the keywords that have the highest traffic. Use the tools like Google analytics and Webmaster tools program to check the total highest traffic. Also keyword tool planner will help you to find the correct keyword according to your site niche. There are many other keyword research tools, but it is recommended to use the Google keyword planner. Also make the link in the keywords for more chances to rank and get more traffic.

3. Keep track of Competitors SEO activities

SEO methods are the only way to rank in Google.  You definitely use many SEO methods and so as your competitor. So it is must to check and review regularly your competitors SEO activities and rank higher than them. Also look thoroughly their content, the title and keyword placed. Monitor your competitor SEO backlinks by using the tools like majestic SEO, open site explorer, ahrefs, etc. They will provide you the information on the latest backlinks made by the competitors’ website.

4. Stay updated With SEO news

SEO rules are changing daily. It is necessary to look after the new SEO trends and latest SEO technique and stay updated with SEO news. There are many websites that you need to visit daily and read the SEO blogs that might be helpful for your website too. Some of the important sites are Search engine land, Inbound.org, search engine watch, etc. If new technique is working than take no time to work on it.

5. Improve page loading time

It is much familiar fact that Google attends the site that loads quickly. Sometimes it may happen due to the large size of images on the home page, the site may work slowly. So check the proper file size and reduce if necessary without reducing the resolution. 

To check the page loading time follow the below steps.

Use the services like Pingdom, Gemwtrix to check the speed of the website.

If the website is found to be load slow, consult the webmaster about the speed issues.  

Above are top ways to beat your competitors, beyond these tips there are other ways also. But if you are new in the field these are basic ways how to can rank higher than your competitor. All these tips are tested and have worked well and I hope it will help you to increase your ranking.


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