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Best Link Building Tips To Increase Backlinks of Your Blog or Website .

Best Link Building Tips To Increase Backlinks of Your Blog or Website

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Backlinks going to your website or blog are going to help improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They help Google to crawl and index your website, and they are considered to be votes from other websites, almost like a little bit of social recognition from other people. Here are a few tips to help you with your backlinking campaign.

Tips To Increase Backlinks of Your Blog

Tips To Increase Backlinks of Your Blog

Pretend you are going to live forever

This is a nice way of saying that you should slow down and think more long term. Create a long term plan and do not go mad creating a big backlink campaign. This could be one of the biggest mistakes that people made at the later stages of the year 2013. They were still conducting these big backlink campaigns, only to see their backlink profile both diluted and polluted to the point where they knocked themselves down the search engine results.

Create a long term plan

As it says in the previous paragraph, a longer term plan is better. But, to clarify this; you need to look at your overall marketing plan. The days of trying the get as many backlinks as your competition may be gone, since these day there appears to be less of a benefit. 

Instead, consider how you back linking ties in with the rest of your business, PR, branding and marketing plan. For example, you may see articles telling you to create several backlinks per week. But, that is not going to get you anywhere in the long term if you are not tying it back into your other long term plans. 

A better piece of advice would be: let’s say for example that every week you produce online articles to educate your consumers about your products. Backlinks from them are far more valuable, and your backlink campaign ties in to your long term plans. 

If you post on social media every week about your newest products and offers, then enter the information on a news reel on one of your sister websites and backlink from that. Again, you can see how your backlinks are not a separate animal but are actually part of your long term plans.

How can you gain natural backlinks?

This is something that many other online companies are not considering. Natural backlinks are what Google likes the best, and yet they are the most search engine unfriendly. They are less likely to have your preferred keywords in the anchor text, they may come from poorly maintained domains, and they may even be on the same page as other backlinks that point to black-hat websites (tarring you with the same brush). So, why would you want natural link? 

Well firstly they are not all bad, and secondly because Google really likes organic natural links. The whole backlink ranking system was built on Google’s idea that people will link to the websites they find useful. 

That last sentence shows how you may get natural (organic) backlinks. If you want people to backlink to your website without any incentive, then you need to give them something useful. If your website provides something of use, especially if that something is free, then people will backlink to you. The same is true if you have a defining feature. If your website is the only one that offers Australian sci-fi at half price, then people will backlink to you for that.

Direct links may not be such a bad thing

You are able to get direct backlinks that have the no-follow tag attached. If this is the case, then they are not so bad. They do not offer any SEO benefit, but they may bring you a little free traffic (direct traffic). It may be worth your while finding websites that only allow no-follow links and putting your links on there. Why? Because it is better if Google assumes most of your links are natural and organic. If they see that you have quite a few no-follow backlinks, then it adds weight in your favor.

Aim for the same target audience

If you are backlinking form another website, then try to backlink from one that appeals to the same target audience as you. If you do this then you are more likely to gain a relevant backlink. A relevant backlink is one that Google figures are useful to the user, and a backlink is useful to the user if your website is related to the one they are on now. A baby shoe website linking to a stroller website is a relevant backlink. A bay shoe website linking to a sea rescue websites is not a relevant backlink.

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