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Best Marketing Communication Channels for your Business Promotion.

Customer  Communication Channels: Which Of Them Are Right For Your Business

Webiste Customer Communication channel

Once upon a time in the West... and the East, there were basically only a handful of ways customers could communicate with businesses. However, those times are long gone and if you want to be competitive in the modern fast-paced world full of possibilities, you need to have multi-channel customer support. Some people will still use the phone, some would prefer mail and the more technically savvy are definitely going to choose the Internet, but it speaks very badly of your business if you don't provide all these different channels. You have to utilize everything you can. Of course, it's going to cost you, but that's the price of being competitive in this day and age. Go big or go home!

Three productive communication channel for your Business Promotion


Many people still use phones to communicate. It's still one of the most preferred methods even through the rise of chat and instant messaging. When you conduct business, it looks much more official when you do it on the phone. This is why you can't afford not to have customer support over the phone. If your business deals with customers, this is a must.

But this is not just something I'm telling because I think it's the way it should be. This is important because sometimes it's the most convenient way for people to communicate with you. And sometimes even if we don't like it, we have to use the phone because we don't always have Internet coverage. I will give you an example. A while back, I had problems with my Internet connection. I tried calling my ISP's customer support. The number was accurate and I got connected, but the nice automated voice kept telling me that my call was important for them and after waiting for an hour on speaker phone I started feeling like they were lying to me. It was OK, since I'm a patient person, I waited for a little while longer. I decided that an hour and a half was enough and that if my call was really that important, they would've picked up. I didn't have Internet, so there was no other way to communicate. I had to take the next day off so I could deal with the issue, because the phone wasn't working properly again. A few days ago I encountered the same issue (after they solved it last time they assured me that it wouldn't happen again). So now I'm with a new ISP. I even switched off my router and called them to see if they would pick up. They did. This makes them much better than my previous ISP. Now ask yourself – how many clients has my last ISP lost due to bad customer support? Never underestimate this.

Social Media

Talking on the phone is a classic, but social media are getting ever more popular and are currently holding the second place in importance as far as customer communication goes. Many people would like to talk to your representatives using social media – especially Twitter and Facebook. If someone takes their problem to Twitter and you don't handle the situation properly, you can expect serious ramifications. People today aren't as forgiving as they once were. Now imagine how many customers you might lose if someone's friends read on his Twitter account that your company is bad. Of course, if you're a giant corporation you wouldn't care, but for a small company, this can be a devastating blow. Take good care of the social media channels, especially Twitter and Facebook.


Email is rarer, which means that if you provide email support, your company will leave a nice impression. When I was buying my computer online, I sent about 10 emails to the small retailer I had chosen for their low prices. All the emails were answered right away and in a very polite and informative manner. Needless to say I'm recommending the company to this day, even though I shopped from them about 2 years ago. Proper communication is important, and you should utilize all channels you can afford.

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Morgan Johnes works in the Call Center of end of tenancy cleaning agency and daily communicates with lots of customers so he knows their wishes and needs.


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