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Do Mobile Phones and Apps Ruining Your Memories

Does trendy apps on mobiles destroy the thinking and memory power of humans?

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The virtual self is connected to the world by information technologies that invade not only the home and office but the psyche. This can either trap or liberate people… By virtual self, I am referring to the person connected to the world and to others through electronic means such as the Internet, television and cell phones… [These] technologies get inside our heads, position our bodies and dictate our everyday lives. (Agger 2004:1) Here Agger rightly describes how the mobile application has become all pervasive in the modern world. With so much popularity of smart phones, it has become a trend also for development houses to mark their presence and so, many applications are coming out every day. The aim remains to provide clients a neat and clean user interface so that they can use it smoothly. Targeted for all types of people of all ages, mobile apps are the best invention of the century. Moreover, competition is at its peak with same applications being developed in Android, IOS, Windows and in Blackberry format. The growing competition is highly demanding, else one will be abolished from the market.

Mobile Phones and Apps Influences Human Memory Capacity

The use of mobile phones and apps has made the human relationships fluid. The fluidity of modern relationships is assisted by the use of technologies such as Internet dating, e-mails, instant messaging and mobiles. Ultimately, interpersonal bonds are loose, quickly tied and quickly broken.

Impact on Memory

Not only has the mobile caused changes in use, it has also produced new kinds of behavior or agency. It is obvious that mobiles have had a significant impact on the nature of memory. The use of speed dialling has made the phone book and numerical memory virtually redundant. Phone numbers are no longer learnt "off by heart." The technological prosthesis, by taking over functions that were formerly human, actually reduces the human capacity to function in the same way. The technical memory function on the mobile has developed into a need to have it, as our former capability to store numbers in our heads is disabled. Once a mobile is lost, stolen or damaged, the user has, potentially, lost the numbers of everyone they were in contact with before. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns of the teenagers in the sample was losing their mobile phone, complete with all their friends' telephone numbers. This was equivalent to losing their "memory."

Forgetting contacts' phone numbers is not just a result of reliance on speed dialling but ultimately, and perhaps more significantly, a result of the changing nature of relationships. People don't just forget the numbers but the people whom the numbers represent. This is because all relationships and bonds are fluid and no longer committed to heart.

Impact on Concentration

Concerns abound that mobile phone users are distancing themselves from the world around them and that instead of enjoying the scenery or the people one meets by chance, they are too engrossed in their "virtual" mobile world. Teenagers and adults alike report the mobile as being a distraction. These are enough indications that the continued use of mobile phones for a longer duration take a toll on human memory and thinking power.

Obsessive-Compulsive Use

It became evident that many teenagers had become dependent on their phone. Its multiplicity of uses had made them believe that they are unable to function without it. They all needed to have their mobile phone turned on "24/7.” This shows that the use of phone can become slowly addictive and it is harmful both to the physical and mental health of human beings.

Some of the influences that were supposed to make life more certain and predictable for us, including the progress of science and technology, often have quite the opposite effect. (Giddens 1999b:2-3) This quote aptly sums up the evil-effects of the extensive use of the gadgets especially mobile phones and apps.

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