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How to Turn Visitors into Loyal Readers ( Blogging Tips )

Basic Tips of Blogging: How to Turn Visitors into Loyal Readers

Are you getting a lot of visitors from your website, but still unable to turn them into potential customers? If yes, then use some effective guidelines or strategies to retain your visitors. Turning visitors into loyal readers is a different ball game, despite of pulling traffic for your blog. Thanks to all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and many more that help you in increasing traffic and make you stay for long. You can use proven business methodologies to hold back your visitors through your blog and turn them into the core audience.Let’s take a look at

Guidelines to Improve the conversion rate of your blog:


Use effective moderation policy for comment section

As a blogger, you need to develop your own innovative comment moderation policies that greatly influence visitors to interact and converse with the blog owner. However, the extremely strict policy can drive away the readers, while too much moderation can lead your blog towards spamming and public bashing. Use an effective and ideal policy, which strikes a balance between the two, visitor’s most pleasant experience and comments on your blog.

Consider following things while incorporating comment moderation policy in your blogging:

Dislikes of visitors
Effective solution of each and every comment
Satisfactory resolution of queries
Adopt criticism in a positive manner
Take personalized touch, while doing discussion
Showcase the top commenters in sidebar of blog
Rewards or Discounts for top commenters
Regular E-Mail contribution and say thanks personally
Comment on commenter’s blog
Use “do-follow” comments for some time (weeks)

Offer Freebies & Giveaways

Who does not love free gifts? Answer is everyone, so announce prizes, like free themes, ebooks or plug-ins for your valuable readers/customers. You can even give few freebies from your feed for your subscribers, which will help you in inflating a number of your blog subscription and fan following.

There are many ebook creation software available over the internet that allows for making free distributable ebooks. If you don’t have a sufficient time to create, then download pre-made ebook templates and build quickly. You can give priority to contest and prizes, but meanwhile your blog should not be a contest blog.

Complete your promises with readers

Fulfill you promises, which you have given to your prospective readers to win their trust and to build core readership. Whatever you have promised to your readers, deliver it in a timely manner. Filler content will just drive away visitors. Therefore, do not post random content only for the sake of posting. If you announce any post series or competition, then it’s your responsibility to deliver it as per your declaration.

Build reliable relationships via social networks

Create your business profile on several social media sites and build relationships with those people, who are like-minded. Visit their blogs, email them personally, leave comments for suggesting useful tips. You need to provide a high-quality of content to gain trust of readers. You can’t imagine how fast your blogging can spread through social sites and engage people from each corner of the world. It will help you in developing an army of admirers, who provide required visitor landing with a positive frame of mind.

Get accessed widely

Keep your blog as simple as possible with handy contact details. The professional blogging site comprises ‘About’ & ‘Contact’ pages, and thumbnail images. Visitors always want to know the personality who is behind the blog. Anonymous, ghost writing and their posts are least welcomed by readers, as they want to connect with human being to whom they know. You can additionally use contact form, email address, various social media links or other options to get connect with you.

Reply every received mail

Give answers of every mail, which you receive from customers, it is an excellent way to build credibility and win readers’ trust. You must do reply of each mail personally to satisfy readers because one reader can provide more than 10 recommendations and referrals.

Conclusion: I hope that these guidelines will inspire and help you build a successful blogging website. Implement these tips and check the result with optimum traffic rate.

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