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Important Things To Look For In A Web Hosting Provider

Important Things To Look For In A Web Hosting Provider


You could start by looking for a pulse, but sadly in this day and age we do not meet the people we buy services from. It makes you yearn for the old days when you saw every service provider from the guy who comes to fix your gas to the ice cream man. So, how do you judge the value or honesty of your web hosting provider if you have never met him, her or them?

Important Things To Consider Before Choosing A Web Host


Your hosting provider dilemma is…

The fact is that you are not going to meet your web host, and your web host could be a career criminal for all you know. However, if you think about it, then most of your online businesses and service providers could be criminals and up to no good. The only way you can fight back it to play it smart and learn from experience (and this article).

Get a referral from a friend

This is not a friend that you just met on Facebook, such as the guy who wears glasses so he looks like he knows what he is talking about. The sort of friend you are looking for in this circumstance is a flesh and blood person. You need someone who is using a website host to see how they are getting on. If they are flesh and blood people then their word has a little more credibility. Genuine references from people you know in the flesh may be one of the best endorsements you get for such an online service.

Do not look at positive online reviews

Guess who writes all the positive online reviews on the Internet? It isn’t the consumer. The fact is that when people have something positive to say then they tend to keep it to themselves. This is especially true with website hosting. It is also true with power companies, as people rarely ever go online and compliment the people providing them with electricity.

Look at the positive reviews for the hosting company, but all you are looking at is a bit of PR from the company. Instead, you can look for the negative reviews about the company. These are probably the most obviously honest reviews of the company. Look on websites where the hosting service may not be able to affect a removal of a review, as this is where the negative reviews will congregate if the hosting company has been purging the net of bad reviews. 

Look for commonalities in negative reviews

Now that you have your stockpile of negative reviews that you have seen all over the Internet, you need to look for ones regarding the hosting company you are looking to hire. Look at their negative reviews and check for commonalities. There are always isolated incidents, so For example, a review about a bad customer rep, and another about the server going offline may mean nothing. But, if For example, there were quite a few complaints about the unexpected maintenance routines then that may be a legitimate problem and you may be better off giving this company a miss.

What sort of qualities are you looking for?

A 98% up time - This is the absolute minimum acceptable. Even if a company has a 2% down time--stretched over a year that is 7 days of the server being down. If a company claims to have 100% up time then treat them with extreme skepticism because how are they maintaining their servers?

An easily upgradeable package - You want to be able to upgrade your package at any time and for any reason. They should be flexible enough so that if you suddenly decide you need a whole lot more bandwidth or server space then they are willing to let you buy it and buy it quickly.

It does not cost too much to upgrade - A common trick is to give you a bargain basement starter package with very cheap space and bandwidth. Once they have ensnared you then they win. This is because when you try to upgrade then they charge you a fortune. Be wary of this trap when you use comparison sites to find the cheapest hosting service.

Technical help - If they charge for technical help, then treat them with extreme caution. One trick is to give people cheap hosting and then have it go wrong a few times per year. The technical support number is an expensive one, so people call up asking for technical help and the company makes a fortune on the phone calls.

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