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Link Building Strategies That Make Sense For SEO

Link Building Strategies that make sense for SEO


Link Building is integral to online marketing and you have to understand that though SEO might be your primary goal; they have benefits that go beyond higher page rankings. Some of the other advantages of link building include the fact that you can build a rapport with users, get leads and also make your brand well known. There are some techniques that can be used to good effect and get better results in 2014.

Top 10 Link Building Strategies

Link building

Focus on the content

It’s important to realize that the success of every SEO campaign rides on the quality of content and articles. Hence if you want to make SEO related gains you have to make sure your content is engaging to your audience. And it has its merits when it comes quality link building as well because only on the back of your content can you get higher traffic, especially from social media and other platforms.

There is no point in spamming

It’s unfortunate that there are many who still believe that Google’s algorithms can be tricked through methods that can bring instant jump in page ranks. But the fact of the matter is that these spam tools don’t bear any results. Hence you need to stay away from spamming because quality is all that counts in the world of SEO.

Graphical content links

Graphical content that include PowerPoint slides, Infographic and images have found their takers in today’s times and they help you get backlinks as well. Original images are of great value to bloggers, which is why they are open to the idea of offering you a link in case you give them a good quality image. The same is true for Infographic, which can be created with a valid data source to ensure that you get a higher page rank.

Widgets come handy

In case you can create useful and unique widgets then it could be the masterstroke for link building. Thanks to it you can get thousands of backlinks to your website, add traffic and manage to get the attention of many new users at the same time. In case you are not able to create them yourself, then you can outsource the task too.

Google+ shares matter

It is true that you might not find evidence to show that Google prefers pages that have plenty of Google+ shares, it matters to some extent. You can start with writing engaging posts that will have links to your website. Every profile that will share it, ends up building a dofollow link to your site. There is a link between higher ranking and Google+ shares, which is why their importance cannot be overemphasized.

Social Media websites and their benefits

To build quality links to your website, you can rely on several social media platforms and forums. You can choose to make personal and professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Once that’s done, you can combine the comments and find a place to leave your website link. It has been seen that those who have taken the effort to harness these modern day platforms have managed to boost organic traffic towards their website. Moreover it also makes a huge difference to your ranking.

Directory specific to your niche

Blogs and websites that use quality directories to submit comments are often given preference by Google. Your traditional directory submissions are considered to be passé now while niche directory submission is worth its weight in gold. Pick the field that your website pertains to and reap its benefits. Local directory submissions also make sense today.

Blog Commenting

This strategy is well received because it doesn’t take a lot of time and brings you higher traffic with good quality, high pr backlinks. Things have changed since the Penguin update and it has become one of the most effective ways of getting backlinks from blogs that are related to your area of interest. You can start with looking for blogs about your niche and get a brand image that’s vital for getting good quality backlinks.

Guest posting

It is considered to be an effective strategy but it’s important that the website you want to submit your post on is chosen carefully. As a good practice you can make guest posts on quality blogs, especially those ones whose owners you happen to know. That’s because recently Google’s head of web spam has suggested that this practice shouldn’t be used everywhere to get backlinks. However it can be an efficient way of doing that albeit with interaction and authority.

Broken link building

This technique has come into practice in recent times and it is supposed to be quite effective as well. There is nothing wrong with using this technique, which is perfectly legal and the resources of broken links are always going to be available. To go about this strategy you will need to look for dead links you can find on a website that has good domain authority.

If you want higher rank on Google in 2014, quality is imperative. It is an aspect that has to be looked after in content, links and just about everywhere. The good news is that these strategies are quite simple and as you start seeing results, you will be further motivated to keep working on them to get further benefits.

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