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Major Link Building Strategies That Bloggers Must Follow

Major Link Building Strategies That Bloggers Must Follow

Link building is one of the main component of online marketing; it is the best way to show any website, web page or blog in front of right audience.

New blogger always face some difficulties, most of the newbie blogger fails as they cannot plan a strategy for their blog. If you are newbie in blogging confused about which link building strategy will be good in year 2014, then this post certainly will help you.

Year 2013 witnessed two major Google algorithm change viz several Google Penguin update and hummingbird algorithm change. Google is now being strict to the spamming techniques of link building; things have been now changed in link building. To success your website in year 2014 you need to follow the right things.

Nothing has been changed for Google; Building backlinks for your website/blog is still the no.1 method of getting top ranking in major search engines. The only thing which has been changed is the way of detecting spamming methods of link building strategy, all the algorithm update is just for providing users the best search experience.

5 Safe Ways that you must follow to Build Links

1. Relevancy as new Page Rank


We have heard many times that link building is dead viz not true, the right way is to build the links, with relevancy of your website and other on which you are taking a link back.
Matt Cutts made that clear:
“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover [how relevant or important somebody is], and maybe over time social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”
As the Google hummingbird algorithm releases now relevancy is the most important thing which you must include in your 2014 link building strategy.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest post

Does guest posting still one of the most important things of getting quality? My answer is always yes.
I was scrolling to my Facebook news feed suddenly a new grabs my attention "Google is denying guest bloggers.”. I thought for a while and start my research on this topic, after reading some good topics I have made a small conclusion on guest blogging:

(a) Publish your amazing relevant content to authorized site.

(b) Always check website page rank, alexa and Domain authority before publishing you Guest post.

(c) Promote your live guest post to relevant audience viz social media or content curation websites.

(d) Interact with your visitors.

The author bio section in the guest blog gives author opportunity to link back his/her blog.

3. Participate in Discussion Forums:

Group Discussion

Forums are good source of getting high quality backlinks; there are many high quality discussion forums on the internet. Always take part in latest discussion and as mentioned above relevancy is must to get high quality backlinks.

Most of the forum sites provide links in the signature as well as in the body of post, always be careful with building links from forums website.

4. Infographics

Infograhic is the best option to engage you visitors and attract decent amount of traffic on your blog. You must be wondering how infographic can provide you a quality backlinks.

Create amazing infographic with data source embedded your blog links, so that whenever someone else use that embed code on their website to share your infographic it’ll give you a link back.

5. High Quality Directory Submission

Directory submission

This is one of the oldest, evergreen and never ended SEO method of building quality backlinks. Submit your blog on high quality directory website with proper title and descriptions, to get approve in the directory website always choose the right category and then submit to it.

Link Building Strategies Conclusion

There is no shortcut of link building, you cannot play trick to fool Google. Link building procedure is hard and time consuming, but to achieve your goals you need to work hard. If you follow good link building strategy then you will get the best result.

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