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Top 10 Must have WordPress Plugins

10 Must have Wordpress Plugins

Plugins are the tools that provide an easy functionability. Most of them are free of cost while some of them are premium, but they are worth buying them. In many ways plugins make the work easy and automatically do many tasks. There are different plugins that perform different functions. These plugins help in SEO, internet marketing, web development and in many other ways. Almost every Web developemnt Company Recommend every WordPress blog owner to  have these popular and useful wordpress plugins . Have a look.

Top 10 Popular and Useful WordPress plugins of 2014

 Wordpress Plugins


1. Wordpress SEO by Yoast

With more than 7 million download till date, it is the top most and the most powerful plugin till date. It has an ease of use and power of optimizing the content for search engines. Simply download and install the plugin and it will work simply as it sounds. But do not over optimize the use of this plugin.

2. WP Google Drive

This new WP Google Drive plugin helps to easily integrate Google drive with your Wordpress blog. Use the drive to add, delete and edit the content on the blog. The plugin is used to make backup of Wordpress and MySqL on the Google drive. The plugin is easy to install and configure. It works seamlessly as it works in Google.

3. Google Analytics Dashboard

With the help of this plugin you will be able to track your traffic from Wordpress itself rather from migrating to the analytics tool. This plugin is named as Google Analytics Dashboard. You can view all your stats from inside the plugin.

4. Akismet

Not all the comments on your blog are genuine. Most of them are automated or spam. This plugin will help to filter out the junk and spam comments. The plugin allows you to set the settings and moderate the comments if you want. 

5. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is the simplest and easiest form till now. It is supporting the AJAX. The plugin is simple to use as it seam. Just download and install and make it work on yours  
Blog. If you wish not to spend $99 for the contact form, then simply download the gravity form for free it also support in a best way.

6. Shareaholic

Shareholaic reaches more than 350 million people every month. It is the best plugin in the history of plugin till now. It is the platform via which you can get your blogs noticed on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so. It also creates tool of sharing button of Facebook and other sites to make the sharing more and increase the blog post visibility. 

7. Wordfence

Security is always a major issue in Wordpress. Increase your security with this powerful plugin- Wordfence. It is a free plugin that includes the firewall, virus scan and Geo location and real-time traffic.

8. Thank me Later

Many a time you come across to the mails you get an immediate reply after you drop a mail or a comment on the blog. It currently strikes your mind that the email is automated. With this plugin you can customize your thank you mails and set time interval after which your email will be sent. The important feature of this comment is that it makes the email more 

Personal and the receiver get the satisfaction with the answer on right time.

9. Ebyline  Wordpress payments

Ebyline is the biggest platform to connect the article writers and clients. With this plugin you will be able to make payment directly to the freelancer. Moreover, this plugin also keeps the information of W9 tax.

10. Simple Pull Quotes

If you’re working on the blog dealing with research work or daily news or events, then it is the most useful plugin for your site. It becomes easy to pull quotes on the contents and articles with this plugin. It simply creates a button on the dashboard and highlights the text that will make the visitor to click through.

Above are the useful plugins. There are many other free and premiums plugins too. But please make sure you have all the above listed plugins installed on your blog to improve your blogging experience . 


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