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Weird World of Malwares and There Types

The Madness and Chaos on Loose- Welcome to the Weird World of Malwares!

Weird World of Malwares and There Types

Beware !
The scariest of 21st Century villains have started to leave their footprint at all the vulnerable places they could spot. Spies, clones, zombies, traitors, trackers, and other such mal-intentioned non-tangible objects are here to shake the World Wide Web, and the machines and gadgets connected to it. 

Are you ready to-

Avert the attacks they are going to throw on your way?

Protect yourself and your data from damaging or losing it all together?

Make other users aware of a way to mitigate the attack-risks by these cyber-bombs? 

If yes, the task begins by increasing your malware-knowledge quotient. Acting on intelligence is more rewarding than acting on instincts (in any case of malware attack, instincts are only going to make matter worse!). 

Different types of Malwares in computer

1. Trojans

If you have seen Hollywood movie “Troy”, you know that an army-troop that was disguised in a huge-but-hollow wooden horse was responsible for the fall of ancient Greek city of Troy. This story gets repeated every single day on the systems attacked by malwares named Trojans. They appear desirable to users, but behind the scenes they try to get sensitive information, or disrupt your work completely by crashing the system. How is that!

2. Viruses

If data is your life, Viruses are going to ruin it. They replicate (or rather reproduce) at such a speed that it becomes unstoppable once the process starts. Think of the viral fever that catches you off guard. Viruses in computer act in similar manner, and your only hope is Anti-Virus software!

3. Worms

Do not think them as invisible like fever viruses, because their ‘worm-ish’ activity is creepy. They reproduce like viruses do, but they focus on mass-harm by spreading to other systems via network, corrupting every system that is unprotected.   

4. Spywares

Imagine someone placing a camera and a microphone in your home without your knowledge. What irreversible damage it can do to your life, if the person who sneaked these devices to your place decided to misuse the information thus collected? Yeah, the imagination is horrifying. This is what spywares do, sitting quietly inside your system. Keyloggers can be understood as especially designed spywares to read and record key strokes to get private and sensitive information like passwords.

5. Adwares

Think of sales people who try to sell things (you were window-shopping the other day), especially in the middle of your serious work you don’t want? You feel what? Irritated. Adwares act likewise while you use your system.  Sometimes, they work along with some non-harmful Spywares to sell you things on the basis of your previous searches. But, anything unwanted, and that too in excess, is scary!

6. Wabbits

It is like having your own personal foe who has practically used all his life to ruin yours in such a way that you can never recover. Wabbits (just like your system’s-own-personal-foe) target a single machine and never leave it, until enough damage is done. 

7. Backdoors

A stranger who is living with you and has gained your trust can be very dangerous. How? He can create a secret tunnel (or door) to let the criminals in. Backdoors do this, and they can enable either another malware or a hacker to take control of your system.

8. Rootkit

No malware does the job of concealment better than Rootkit. It makes changes to the Operating System itself, which makes it hiding and removing practically impossible. Then it can do whatever damage it intended to cause!

There are others in the list like Exploits, Dialers and URL Injectors, with their unique signature and spine-chilling PC-killing acts.   

So, if you are thinking that removal of merely computer viruses is all you need, you haven’t read “SCARY” (don’t try to read literally) throughout the 8 malwares explained above. Be scared; it will help you to be away from the “the weird world of malwares”! 

About Author
Anna Asthesia is chief technical head in optimodefender & working from last 5 years. She likes to write article on computer antivirus, computer problems & how to find genuine online tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones. 


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