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Which Google ranking factors are the most important?

Which Google ranking factors are the most important?

SEOThere are supposedly 200 ranking factors that Google is supposed to take note of when ranking your website. Frankly it is in their interest to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as convoluted as possible so that people give up on SEO and start buying their Google affiliate advertising instead. Here are a few factors that Google apparently considers to be important, but which factors truly are the most important is known only by them, and there is a chance that many factors have the same SEO impact as each other.

10 Most Important Factors In Seo

Seo checklist

The quality of your web content

Web content quality has always been a big deal with Google. If this list were ranked from most important aspect then this would have still reached the top. This is because it is in Google’s interest to provide search engine results with higher quality content within. Conversely, low quality content is bad for Google, even though they do have a habit of showing quite a bit of very bad content quality on frequent occasions.

The keywords in your web content

The Google Hummingbird update is supposed to lower the effect and the relevance of keywords on their own, and yet keywords are surly still one of the biggest search engine factors ever. After all, if the search engine cannot focus on a certain set of keywords then how are they to interpret what your website is all about? How your keywords are chosen, how they are placed and where is obviously still a ranking factor too.

The Meta description of your website

The Meta data on each web page is viewed as unimportant by many, but it is a foundation part of your website. It adds weight to Google suspicions about your website. If your website is about sea water, then having relevant keywords in page titles, content and anchor text is okay, but having those same keywords appear in your Meta data simply adds more evidence on what your website is all about (making it more search engine friendly).

Having keywords and descriptions within page elements

The written content of your web page is not the only bit that is supposed to have keywords. Videos, audio and images are able to have Meta data and things such as ALT text and titles. Widgets and other page elements are able to have keywords inserted into them in some fashion, and they are ranking factors just the same as anchor text, page titles, etc.

Mirroring keywords around a web page

This means having your main keywords appear in numerous places around your website. It means they must appear within metas, images, content, titles, etc. It means putting them on your website so that the crawlers can make no mistakes with regards to what your website is all about.

The anchor text on backlinks and internal links

Your anchor text is what tells the readers what the linked page is all about, and that is what it tells the search engines too. It tells the search engines what your linked pages are about, and if you have been mirroring your keywords as suggested in the paragraph above then Google will have no mistake as to the most important keywords on your website.

The title of each page

Your page title is a ranking factor because it is supposed to be a short description of your website. It is supposed to be a very concise indication of your page content and that is just the sort of thing that Google loves.

Your title should really have keywords in it. At least one keyword is needed within the title, and it should be a keyword that is mirrored throughout the site. The title is important because it states very clearly what the web page is all about, which is why it is important to be descriptive when creating your page title. Descriptive but concise is the best way.

The number of relevant backlinks you have 

The relevance or strength of backlinks is a topic that requires its own article, suffice it to say that there are stronger and more relevant backlinks that your website may have. If it has them then it is more likely to rank higher because it is a ranking factor. 

The speed that your website loads

This is a ranking factor, and it is even common knowledge on how Google keeps a track on how fast your website loads. Loading speeds are a ranking factor because they do not want to present people with a bunch of websites that take forever to load up and use.

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