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How to Add Your Blog/Website to Pinterest ?

How to Add Your Blog/Website to Pinterest


Of all the social media sites, Pinterest has been growing in leaps and bounds when it comes to driving traffic and sales to business websites. The site brings in four times the amount of sales as compared to Twitter and 27 percent more in comparison to Facebook, according to the stats. The numbers don’t lie; Pinterest is the social media site for many businesses.

Pinterest Tutorial Guide

Create an Account

To get started on Pinterest, don’t create a personal account. Rather, join as a business page. This will allow you to not only feature your business name, but also categorize your page accordingly. Some choices Pinterest provides include professional, public figure, brand, and online marketplace, just to name a few. Additionally, by registering your page as a business, you can not only add your website URL to your profile but verify your website so consumers know you’re really affiliated with the business’s website. 

Craft a Catchy Profile

Pinterest only allows 200 words in your ‘about’ section, so make every word count by describing what your company does while also using keywords, so that it’s easy for people to find you. For example, if you work for a precast concrete company, you’d want to describe what your company does in detail since most average people don’t know what precast concrete is or why a company would specialize in it. You could use keywords like “concrete,” “durable concrete,” and other simple keywords like that. 

A profile image should also be used chosen with great care. When it comes to businesses, Pinterest recommends using a company logo rather than a photo of yourself or your employees. Using these tips, you can create an awesome Pinterest profile and set up your business for tons of future Pinterest success in the future. 

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Build Your Boards

Further establish your brand by creating a diverse set of boards. This means creating a board of your products and services, but also thinking outside the box. Think about your industry and what you can teach consumers and potential clients about your business. Then start by creating a few boards with a variety of mediums, including images, podcasts, infographics, and videos. You can keep all these boards “secret” until you’re ready for the public to see them. 

How to Use Pinterest Effectively

To get the most bang for your buck when creating these boards, also consider these handy tips:


Size your images : Long and skinny images tend to do best on Pinterest. But size matters too. Be sure to pin bigger images, rather than thumbnails.

Rename photos : The way you name your photos matters, as they can be considered “keywords.” As such, before you hit upload, rename your photo’s file name.

Link back to your site : If you upload a pin from your computer — rather than pin from your website — view your pin and update the ‘source’ of your pin by clicking on the little pen icon. This way, when people click on your image, they’ll be taken back to your site.

Optimize captions : Always, always add a caption to every pin. This means describing the pin and offering useful information while naturally working in keywords. Hashtags should also be used here too. 

Monitor Your Analytics

Keep an eye on your Pinterest analytic to see what pins work best, and what doesn't. By following these stats, you can better tailor your social media efforts to get the most of the online scrapbooking site.

Install a Pin It Button on Your Website

You’ve built a presence on Pinterest, but your goals should include getting other people to pin your images too. To make that easier, install a “pin it” button on your website, especially on pages that are loaded with lots of images to choose from. “Pin it” buttons can also be installed so they appear on your website’s images, which act as a reminder to your consumers that your content is easily shareable. 

Link to Other Social Media Sites

While Pinterest may be one of the biggest drivers of sales, in comparison to other social media sites, all of your social media efforts can be synced to further your reach within your community. While you could copy your Pinterest URL to other sites, make it more streamlined by updating your Pinterest page’s settings. In the ‘settings’ section, you can allow Pinterest to post your pins to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Be a Part of the Community

Just like other social media sites, Pinterest is about community. Interact with your followers in the comments of your pins, and establish relationships with other people in your industry by participating in — or starting — group boards. Additionally, share the love and repin and like other people’s images too.  

Pinterest is constantly making it easier for businesses to use their site. As such, follow their business blog to get the latest updates so you can continue grow your business and bring in sales. 

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