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How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache 

Whenever you open a website page in your Google chrome browser, First thigh your Google chrome web browser do is to download whole website page containing images, scripts, videos, flash files etc  in you local drive folder for temporary duration of time. These Raw downloaded data is presented in well formatted  way  in web browser and make website available on your browser as full website page . These Browser cache allow to quick reload a webpage without loading whole webpage again . With the passage of time, these cache are not of use since may website Content changes with times so these old cache consume handsome amount of hard disk . So after a fixed duration of time it good to clear your Chrome web Browser's cache

Steps To Clear Your Google chrome Browser's Cache

 Follow these instruction to clear your Google chrome browser Cache . It's Easy 

Step 1 : Open Google chrome browser .

There are two ways to open Google chrome
  • First: Go to Desktop and Double click on “Google Chrome Icon” .
  • Second: Click on Start, All programs and then Click on Google chrome icon to open.

Step 2 : Open Customize and control Google chrome .

You can open Customize and control Google chrome from Google chrome Toolbar, it look like button at Extreme left top corner of your browser window, Near Search box and it Appear as button with three black line . Open Customize and control Google chrome by clicking on Chrome menu.

Step 3 : Under Click on Tools.

A small window will appear contacting lot’s of  option’s like New tab , New window and so on will appear out of those function ,move your mouse pointer Tools .

Step 4 : Click Clear browsing data . 

Bring Mouse pointer on tools, a new window will appear from the list, select Clear browsing data .
Google chrome Shortcut To open Clear browsing data Window : Press Ctrl+shift+Del

Step 5 : Select Empty Cache

A Small dialog box will appear, From the list of categories select items “Empty the Cache “ checkboxes.

Step 6 : Select Amount and Duration of cache to delete  .

From the Drop down menu labeled as “Obliterate the following items from”. Select the Amount and Duration of cache to delete. You may clear full stored cache by selecting “beginning of time “.

Step 6 : Click Clear browsing data . 

Once you done with selecting Checkbox “Empty the Cache“and amount of cache to clear . click on Clear browsing data for Final step . 


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