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How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen ( Android )

Hide WhatsApp last seen using WhatsApp

Whatsapp last seen

WhatsApp finally launched  new update allowing you to disable WhatsApp last seen status , You don’t need any additional third party software or apps to disable WhatsApp last seen . Whether you were using Android Device or Ios device now from your WhatsApp account itself you can disable your last seen status and can re-enable whenever you want, but To enable disabling last seen features in your phone you need to update your WhatsApp application in your smartphone to latest update. 

Step by Step guide to hide WhatsApp last seen

If you have not updated your WhatsApp account then first update your WhatsApp  application on your smartphone . If you already had updated your WhatsApp Application then follow these steps by step guide to hide whats app last seen status .Although these steps primarily for android phone but these steps also works in Ipone but also all WhatsApp supported phone .

Step 1 : All the WhatsApp account features works only with working internet connection so first Connect your smartphone to internet through mobile data or if you don’t have Working mobile data plan then connect using wifi . So that your WhatsApp account get connected to WhatsApp server to make desired changes.

Step 2 : Click on Mobile Menu button ,then go to Settings .

Step 3 : Click on Account and  then privacy .

Step 4 : Under Account privacy window. You will see label as “WHO CAN SEE MY PERSONAL INFO “Find and set last seen according to your need . You can go through below last seen Settings and whats it does?

What does WhatsApp Last Seen Setting options do ?

WhatsApp Last Seen Setting to Everyone  

Every one have your phone number in there contact can see your whatsapp last online status and you can see there last online status provided you must have them in your contact list .

WhatsApp Last Seen Setting to My Contacts 

Not Every one have your phone number in there contact can see your whatsapp last online status and only people in your phone contact book can view your online status . This is best option for people concerned about their privacy   .

WhatsApp Last Seen Setting to Nobody

Setting last seen to Nobody will prevent you and other to see last seen status .This feature allow you to hide your online status from everyone on whatsapp , However you may also can’t see other status too .

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